3 Instagram-Worthy Modern Earrings For The Millennials

Modern Earrings that are worthy of going up on your gram.

As a millennial myself, I feel like my generation is less obsessed with diamonds now and more with Instagram. And, after all, we get all our updates from it like where Aashna Shroff recently vacationed or what jewellery Kritika Khurana is recommending at this very moment.

What I am trying to get at is that today, we view fashion influencers as jumping-off points for our outfit and jewellery inspiration. We observe and recreate fashion looks because we see it being recreated on all social media platforms by these famous and influential women.

In this era of gram consciousness, and where millennials are constantly trying to make their profile aesthetically pleasing makes us question “What jewellery do millennials even like (if they are so conscious)? And what jewellery is SO Instagram-worthy that they absolutely have to get their hands on them?”

Let Tistabene make an attempt to answer that for you:


We are certain that the millennial generation is absolutely head over heels for these women’s accessories. It is easy to style such earrings.

If the usual gold and silver hoops bore you, Tistabene houses resin hoop modern earrings in white and Tortoiseshell effect! Remember, you can add a tinge of 80’s glam to your winter outfits not just with baggy trousers but also with lightweight hoop earrings like these.

Modern Resin tortoiseshell Hoop Earrings
Tortoise Shell Modern Geometric Earring
Tortoiseshell Resin Hoop Earrings
Tortoise Shell Retro Hoop Earrings


It is definitely the trend EVERYONE on Instagram seems to be raving about, and why should they not? These dangler modern earrings can pick-up your mood instantly on any mundane day. These dangler earrings add the beauty of flowers and give you subtle quirkiness.

Flower statement earrings
Flower Power Yellow Statement Earrings
Flower White Statement Earrings
White Flowerchild Dangler Earrings


There’s just something about dangler earrings that draws you. Descending from your ears like a tranquil waterfall, these women’s earrings are a sight for sore eyes.

Winter outfits include a lot of neutrals like Taupe, Grey, and Green. Such apparel could constitute overcoats or jumpers. And, you could accentuate it even more if you wear metallic dangler modern earrings! They add much-needed variation to your winter wardrobe, and when you do, click a picture and post it on Instagram unabashedly.

Metallic Statement Earrings
Metallic Flora Gold Dangler Earrings
Metallic Statement Earrings
Oval Metallic Engraved Dangler Earrings

These were the 3 styles of Instagram-worthy earrings that will add glam to any winter outfit. And they are also budget-friendly, so it’s a win-win. Happy shopping!

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