5 Jewellery Items to Amp Up Your College Looks

College is one of the places in a student’s life where they are most confused about what to wear and what to simply ignore with the fear of ending up at the Principal’s office. But, didn’t it differ back in school time when students didn’t have to stress about the outfits or accessories as almost every school had a dedicated dress designed for the students? If you recall, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the blue and white checks shirt whereas Wednesday and Saturday were dedicated to the sports-cum-house dress. In short, not much to experiment with. Moreover, permanent braids and ties didn’t leave much room for kids to come up with their fashionable best, did they?

This is how, since school days, a tryst with dreaming about college life instigates in a student’s life where they start picturing themselves involving into various just fun college ‘thing’.

So, if you’ve entered your college-hood and are ready to add some bling to your colorful clothes, then you must definitely refer to this awesome women and men’s accessory collection!


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The two most spot-on ways to raise the bar of your college lookbook is by firstly adding oxidized silver men’s openable bracelet that uplifts your routine look without even making it look obvious. This piece will just settle down in your wardrobe like it belonged there for eternity.

Another way is by adding the handmade men’s link chains for an edgy supplement to your personality. These chains have been the statement pieces for men’s accessory since ages and continue to create their spell on men of all professions and age-groups.


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Undoubtedly, women have a better and larger scope of welcoming changes in their everyday looks by playing with innumerable combinations of different accessories. For example, taking up a pendant set, you have both the option of wearing it with a dress, a shirt or even a jumpsuit. Some you can wear it on the inside and others, you can adorn on the outer end of the collar. Therefore, plenty of ways to experiment with one piece of accessory.

We have such extravagant pieces that can you fetch some pluses for you in styling:

From Classic Triangle Shaped Single Stone Stud Earring that you can wear with every college outfit to laying your hands on classic modern pendant set that does fairly well with even T-shirts. But, if you wish to keep it colorful and vivacious, go for the beaming Buddha Turquoise Beaded Golden Bracelet. Be eventful and just play with these designs to slay every day in a different getup altogether.

Now, are you worried this is going to hamper your budget? Well, no! What makes these fashion jewellery appropriate for college students is their light weight as well as budget-friendly rates, which we know is a crucial aspect because there is hardly anyone who doesn’t face a cash crunch in college days, right?!

So, enjoy your accessory shopping experience at minimal prices and maximum benefits with Tistabene Online Jewellery Shopping Portal for both men and women!


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