5 Student Style Tips to Level Up for the Dream Job

In today’s competitive market, it is very clear that intelligence, qualifications, or even a burning desire is not enough to land you into the job you want. As there are thousands of people applying for the same position, the pressure is more about how to stand out from the rest?

You must be well aware of the saying; the first impression is the last impression. Like it or not, the interviewer will make up his/her mind about you within 30 seconds from your appearance. Hence, dress up in such a formal way that you leave a lasting impression on the person conducting the interview. Taking care of the clothes while appearing for a job interview will not just reflect your personality but will also show how you manage the transition from college into the corporate world.

Even the research shows that 55% of first impressions are made by the way you dress up whereas 65% of hiring managers say that clothes can be the deciding factor between two similar applicants.

Worrying about how to professionally and appropriately dress up?

Here we have assembled these styling tips for you to dress up well for the interview:

Wear a Neat, Tailored Suit or Dress

A neat dress up will surely get interviewer’s attention. Men can wear a dark suit, white shirt, and polished shoes. No matter how much hurry you are in for the interview, do not forget to get a smart haircut.

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Also, you can also carry a tri-color plated stainless steel men’s band ring for an appealing physical appearance.

Pay Attention to Accessories Part-

This is another tip a job hunter must note in the bid to make his look attractive. You should not just concentrate on the dress you wear to an interview alone and forget the accessories. Outfit and accessories go hand-in-hand.

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For a man, a wristwatch, and a classic striped black enameled office wear cufflink is okay. Other accessories should be kept minimal and professional.

Opt for a Conservative Tie-

Solid colors such as dark red, blue, or burgundy always work. Wild patterns and flashy colors are distractions, so they should be avoided. A half-Windsor or full Windsor is all time professional. The end should be even with the belt.

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You can easily pair it with a plain shirt, silk tie, wristwatch and a classic oxidised silver plated thick men’s bracelet for a presentable look. Keep the size equal, neither too long nor too short.

Choose Appropriate Shoes-

You will never go wrong with lace-up dress shoes. Black or brown shoes are more favorable. Loafers are acceptable if paired with a sports coat and slacks. Regardless of the choice, make sure they are clean, free of scuffs, and shined. Avoid athletic shoes.

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A pair of formal shirt, pant, leather shoes, and office wear high metallic finished black silvery cufflink can never go wrong in impressing anyone.

Wear a smile-

A smile can create a big difference in your interview success; it makes you appear more approachable and confident. So, be confident and smile!

With these styling tips and men’s accessories, you are all set to shine brightly in the interview.  All the Best!!


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