5 Style Hacks to Match Your Jewellery With Your Outfit

Right now, your jewellery box is filled to the brim with pieces that want to shine and dazzle. But, how can you put everyone in a trance when you don’t know the first thing about which jewellery to wear and with which outfit? 

Tistabene, your very own fashion guide is here to impart this knowledge and help you be on your A-game the next time you have to choose what to wear and with what.

Coordinating jewellery with an outfit is tough and we understand this struggle. What if the necklace you are wearing with your work-outfit does not match and ends up looking unnecessarily ostentatious in the process? We all need to take care and be wary of such fashion mishaps. And, this is why the following style hacks should be able to tell you what to do when you have fashion black-outs. 

1. Always Know The Memo

No one likes feeling under-dressed or overdressed. It’s an unshakeable feeling when you are at a casual get-together, and you realize that you have dressed up as too “extra,” as the millennials like to call it these days.

Jewellery should always be worn according to the occasion. “Not too much, not too less” should be your motto so that you can accessorize with awareness.

So, casual get-together warrants color stone hoop earrings and perhaps an infinity bracelet with high-waist pants and a crop top. 

Colored Stones Hoop Earrings
Colored Stones Hoop Earrings
Infinity SIlver Bracelet
Infinity SIlver Bracelet

Such jewellery choices also reflect who YOU are as a person. It also tells other guests that you are not only well-informed when it comes to fashion, but you are also funky and fun. 

2. Like Music, Jewellery Can Be Loud Too

Are you one of those people who pairs REALLY loud and colorful jewellery with clothes that have stripes or other geometrical patterns on them? If this is what it is really like, you need to stop RIGHT now.

Life entails balancing any and all circumstances. And, you must balance out your outfit by wearing light weight jewellery with heavy outfits. However, this rule is not limited to close relatives’ family functions.

What we are talking about is, when you are going to a fancy friend’s house party or a late-night movie. You preferably wear things like a thin but attractive pair of danglers and a charm bracelet

If you wear something like multi-colored tassel earrings and a thick bracelet with it. Then it will ruin your outfit as the spotlight will be neither on your jewellery nor on your clothes. 

And, if you are wearing a single colored designer long Kurti with palazzo pant. You can pair it with opulent jewellery because it will compensate for your chic but a rather plain outfit.

3. The Game Of Colors

Like we said before, it is all about balance, and when we throw in color coordination into the mix, things get even more interesting and adventurous.

Always pair warm colors with cool ones and dark colors with light ones. So, if your jewellery has a tinge of fiery red or bright green in it, you should wear it with something lighter such as white or cream. Or, if you are wearing the generic gold or silver earrings, you can pair it with brighter colored outfits that have decent amounts of orange or blue in them.

It really is up to you while dressing and accessorizing to strike a balance and to choose colors in a way that does not blind the onlookers. And makes you feel good about yourself.

4. LBD Rule 101

Color coordination is necessary when you are wearing something black as this color is already a classic. If you were to pair flower-themed dangler earrings with an LBD and white stilettos, that would ruin the whole look. What makes the classic more beautiful is when paired with American diamond jewellery or pearl jewellery. It will add grace to the look for a cocktail event. 

Contemporary Colored Stones Designer Necklace Set
Contemporary Colored Stones Designer Necklace Set
Round Pearl Beads Single Stranded Necklace
Round Pearl Beads Single Stranded Necklace

5. But Is It Fine With Your Neckline? 

It is all about your imagination, vision, and fashion sense. These three things play a significant role in making your outfit stand out in a sea of people. So, a notable tip for our readers at the Tistabene blog is that you should always consider if the necklace you are wearing is agreeable to the neckline of your dress.

If you are wearing a round neck short dress, you should wear a pendant necklace that sits on your skin gracefully and highlights your collarbones in the process.

If you are wearing a high-necked gown whose neckline falls around the nape of your neck. Then a single-stranded beaded long necklace should work fine because it will emphasize both your dress and your jewellery. Along with our physical attributes such as your neck.

When you are planning to wear a blouse with a deep neckline, that is where you can balance the look with a Bib necklace or a Choker necklace layered with a Rani Haar. Paired with small earrings that compliment your statement necklace. 

Green Enamelled Kundan Meena Pendant Set
Green Enamelled Kundan Meena Pendant Set

If your ethnic dress has a crew neck, then pair it with long Statement Danglers or Jhumkas, which will just kiss your collar bone. 

This was our fair share of tips and style hacks that you can include in your lifestyle. To successfully pair jewellery with your own outfits and not be a Clueless Cathy about it.

If you are looking for jewellery to start pairing with outfits, look no further because Tistabene offers everything from women’s earrings to women’s bracelets online.


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