5 Tips On How to be a Beautiful Bridesmaid on a Budget

Familiarize yourself with tips on how to be a stunning bridesmaid while still keeping your budget in mind.

Your best friend’s or close relative’s wedding is approaching fast. And, you are to be one of her bridesmaids. What do you do? NOT panic, first of all. You’re a woman on a mission. A mission to look fabulous. And what is your end-goal? -to stick to your budget.

You could have several reasons to be on a budget, and we’re not judging! 

Whatever the reason may be, we are here to teach you how to be a budget-minded bridesmaid-a woman who has both beauty and brains! Also, please note that being on a budget is nothing to be embarrassed about. If you spend your money wisely, people will laud you for your efforts to save up, and it will be beneficial for you in the long run.

So, without further ado, here are 5 tips on how to be a bridesmaid on a budget.


There is only a fat chance that the bride will pay for your bridesmaid dress because she’d have her dress to worry about.

Therefore, choose your dress after looking through many, many, MANY options. Look for brands that design light Lehengas that are pastel in color and graceful-looking. It’s not always necessary to wear Lehengas that are so heavy that they obstruct your walk. Subtle lehengas that come in colors like lavender and pink are being favored more these days. 

Upcycled fashion is the new buzz word flying around, so raid your mother’s and grandmother’s trunks and upcycle their old sarees and ethnic dresses into something modern that would speak your style. It would not only save you cost but will also help the environment. You can also wear their saree and just buy a statement crop top that would give the heirloom saree a modern spin.


Of course, we’d like it if you wear heels as a bridesmaid. And we know you’d like it too! Oh, the most real joy lies in standing tall and proud in heels that do not want to make you dismember your own feet.

Rely on the heels you already have. If we can say anything about them, these heels would have to be platform heels. They’d have to be black, beige, or white; these are neutral colors that go with just about all other colors. Wear these to the wedding, and you will have saved up significantly on footwear! You can also indulge in some DIY and give your Old sneakers an ethnic touch. Yes! Sneakers with ethnic outfits are no surprise now; it’s been approved by Bollywood fashionistas like Rhea Kapoor. You can upscale it with some patchwork and embellishments to match your outfit; it will also release the ‘being a Bridesmaid Stress.’

How to be a Bridesmaid on a Budget


Hair is a no biggie here. Remember to wash them & condition them one day before any event. The clean middle-parted bun is here to stay. If you are not good at handling your hair, then make a sleek ponytail with some statement earrings. It will instantly lift your jaw-line. 

As for the make-up, save up if you can. And, if you are capable of doing make-up on your own or following a YouTube tutorial without having an existential crisis in between, do it!

And, if you cannot master that winged eye-liner or decide the right shade of foundation on time, do your make-up with your fellow bridesmaids. It will result in some bonding time with them and looking pretty and presentable in the end. 

How to be a Bridesmaid on a Budget
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For jewellery, you are allowed to get a little EXTRA. By successfully ditching real jewellery, you will be embracing the vibrant world of artificial jewellery. There are hundreds of websites that sell the same but only trust the one that has the BEST reviews and also features all TYPES of jewellery. 

Choose heavy artificial jewellery that matches your outfit precisely. The best part is that these days, we have affordable artificial jewellery that will definitely look good on you!

How to be a Bridesmaid on Budget
Traditional Kundan Meena Three Piece Jewellery Set
  1. THE BAG

We have mentioned earlier in one of our articles that if you really want to enjoy an Indian wedding and look in vogue as well, then try the minimal waist bag (aka Fanny Pouch) with Lehenga or Saree. It will not only add an extra statement to your outfit but will also be handy to keep your phone and lipstick, etc.


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