5 Unconventional Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Five ways that will give you and bae the ‘Cool Couple’ title just because you celebrated Valentine’s Day uniquely.

It’s one thing to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a style that adheres to the norms which the society is accustomed to. You go out, indulge in a candlelit dinner, and pop some champagne. But what are some of the most absurdly uncommon ways to celebrate the day of love that are also innovative, fun, and memorable?
Find out here.


If you and your partner are even the slightest bit adventurous, then you will have a jolly time ditching the formal wear and getting into your competitive bowling outfits.
So, skip the usual by chugging that fizzy beverage and get ready to knock down those pins with your partner. You both could even team up and compete against other bowling teams in your local area. You could fool around in between with your loved one and have an excitement-inducing Valentine’s Day.


Oh, imagine sailing among a sea of clouds on a hot air balloon with your spouse or partner. You will get not only the most romantic vibes but also a scenic view to go with them. You can surprise your partner by gifting a artificial earrings present in the air, get some photos clicked for Instagram, and cuddle up with the person who you love a little more than most.

Valentine's Day Gift CollectionRECOMMENDATION: If you are seriously considering booking a hot balloon ride in honor of Valentine’s Day, book one from Jaipur’s famous locations such as Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, Shiv Vilas, and Delhi-Jaipur Road. The highest altitude reached is 1200 feet, and the rider can behold the ornate forts and palaces from their lofty position in the sky.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Valentine's Day3. 1…2…CHA CHA CHA

It does not matter if you or your partner have two left feet. What matters more is that you will get to spend time together and strengthen your bond during that time. Just put on your best dancing shoes and twirl to the beat with the love of your life.
Make sure that you record yourself striking some sensual poses with your partner to remember that you did indeed have a memorable Valentine’s Day.
However, it would be ideal to sign-up for a one-day workshop that teaches you Bachata or Salsa. Such dance forms are intimate and romantic, and that is exactly what you need on this Valentine’s Day.

Dance on Valentine's Day4. WALK THE EXTRA MILE

The point of this blog is that you do something extra-ordinary on this 14th. This is the reason why waking up at the crack of dawn, putting on your best hiking boots or jogging sneakers, and marching out the door with Bae is necessary. Choose a destination that will give you plenty of chances to trek and catch hold of the rising sun if you can.
During the trek, talk to your partner and reminisce your most romantic moments as a couple. It will help you remember why you both are together.

Trekking for Valentine's Day5. BOO! OR FIND THE KEY IN TIME!

Escape rooms/haunted houses are an unholy mix of endorphins and adrenaline. And if you have a partner to clutch at when that spooky animatronics ghost springs up at you, feel sorted and loved. Even escape rooms are fun as they force you to act fast and think wisely. Do this activity with your partner and let your problem-solving powers merge!

All the activities mentioned can be highly amusing and enjoyable if you and your partner will make them be. It would be worthwhile to note that we managed to compile a list that was full of raw, real-life experiences that are inclusive and will coerce you to feel more present in that moment. This adventurous list is also not gender-biased and invites all types of couples to try the activities mentioned in them.
Wait for nothing and worry about no one when you plan something from the list above. Make this Valentine’s Day special by doing something extra-special. Make your love for your lover count. Along with these activities, why don’t you gift something special to your partner like artificial necklaceartificial earringsartificial rings, men’s braceletsmen’s cufflinks and customized jewellery from Tistabene’s designer collection.


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