6 Web-series that Every Fashionista Must Watch

A brief list of the six latest web-series that will make you love fashion even more.

If you are anything like us, who is a ‘Sex and the City’ fan and observes costumes of characters in the web-series, then join the clan. The content does not necessarily have to be fashion-related. Still, there is no harm taking tips and carefully noting what the actors are wearing in each scene (Imagine the Naked Dress worn by Carrie Bradshaw). 

To truly call yourself fashion connoisseur, then these web-series should be ticked-off your watch list.


The glitz, the glamour, and the gait. Everything about the characters’ dressing sense in this reboot of the 1980’s original screams ’power dressing’. One of the protagonists is named Fallon Carrington, who is played superbly by Elizabeth Gillies. She wears the trendiest, most colorful, and overwhelmingly stylish outfits. From sleek party gowns to bright-colored trench coats, Miss Fallon will surely teach you a thing about fashion or two. You can watch the two seasons of this show on Netflix. 

Dynasty Netflix web-series Tistabene Blog
Dynasty on Netflix


Blake Lively and Leighton Meester star in this high-school drama, among other equally talented actors and actresses. While the show navigates through who Gossip Girl is for six seasons straight, it also teaches us a lot about the most high-end brands that are highly famous among the New York’s Upper East Side’s elite. From Vera Wang to Chanel, we definitely learn new brand names and how to dress appropriately for EVERY occasion that we have promised to be a part of. Binge this show only on Netflix. 

Gossip Girl Netflix web-series Tistabene Blog
Gossip Girl on Netflix


It is the only Indian show on our list, but it is very wholesome to watch on Amazon Prime. With only nine episodes to get through, you will get a taste of how a progressive, successful, and liberal Indian women dresses. Tara, a wedding planner, played by Sobhita Dhulipala struts around Delhi in chic and comfortable outfits. They may be simple, but the confidence with which she carries them makes us want to do the same. In many scenes, her tapered pants, her tote bag, a plain top tucked in, and her height itself makes us want to be like her. If you want to set realistic and achievable fashion goals for yourself as an influencer or otherwise, this is the show you must binge-watch RIGHT now. 

Made in Heaven Amazon Prime web-series Tistabene Blog
Made in Heaven on Amazon Prime Video


This Netflix’s comedy-drama is eccentric yet euphoric. This pick is more special than others since even the male fashion enthusiasts can learn a lot about how to look dapper. It is because this time, it’s a male protagonist by the name of Payton Hobart, who is played masterfully by Ben Platt. He is vying with his other school mates to become the school president. During the run of a total of ten episodes, we see Payton suited up to impress the school, which is to vote for him. Payton’s style is updated, hip, and toned down in a way that suits him very well. 

The Politician Netflix web-series Tistabene Blog
The Politician on Netflix


While the storyline may be running astray with every new episode that airs on Netflix, we are holding on to our hats for the next outfit, Madelaine Petsch’s Cheryl Blossom or Lili Reinheart’s Betty Cooper will wear. From Cheryl’s bloody red and bold outfits to Betty’s turtle-necked and high-ponytail vibe, we love to witness it all!

Riverdale Netflix web-series Tistabene Blog
Riverdale on Netflix


In our opinion, this is one of the best reality TV shows that was picked up by Netflix in 2018 and turned into a web-series after it stopped production in 2006. 

The show came back with a bang and with a new set of Fab 5 (5 homosexual men highly skilled in fashion, grooming, cooking, etc.) that gives men and women makeovers from Fashion, Space, to Life. You, as a viewer, don’t have to invite the cast of Queer Eye to your house to learn valuable tips from them because when you binge this series, you will be able to learn things like the French tuck and proper pomade application. 

When we say that you will not be able to stop watching this show after just one episode, we mean it. 

Queer Eye Netflix web-series Tistabene Blog
Queer Eye on Netflix

This was Tistabene’s list of the six web-series that we are watching or have watched to see how fashion has the power to make or break a character. Therefore, if you want to become inspired by the fashion aired online, these are the shows you should watch at this very instant! 


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