The 9 days of Celebrating the Feminine Attributes

The person who is bold, beautiful as well as strong; the person who gives birth, nurtures and remains by our side; the person who plays an array of roles, all at once in her life- she is the one who untangles the complexities yet lives with them comfortably because she- the woman is the one who is courageous enough to handle it all at once.

This festival of Navratri, Tistabene has decided to dedicate their entire jewellery collection to the unique attributes of every woman as it is because of her that everything beautiful, gentle and nurturing in life persists.

Maang Tika

For her Mental Strength

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Women in every facet of life contribute to the different roles with an impeccable mix of intelligence, mental strength and emotions. Be it her home or her workplace, she delivers her best pushing herself and those around her to give the best of their capabilities.

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For she is all ears to our problems

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From a comforting friend to a close confidante of your secrets, she is the wonder woman of our lives who understands the unspoken, believes in the unbelievable and listens to respond to our needs without any preconceived notions in mind. She is the strength in the moment of crisis and the one brave enough to spread smiles keeping her feelings aside.

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For the hands that nurture

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From taking care of her children to her students, teams, co-workers, and also her things, keepsakes, plants and pets, she selflessly works on them to groom their individual personalities, to help them grow- for she is the life giver and the nurturer of this entire being. All that there is without her is: Nothing!


For her continual movement into different forms

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A wife, mother, or daughter at home to a leader at work- she keeps hopping among the different aspects of life, adjusting, accepting and blending in each one of the roles with perfection, fulfilling every responsibility just as it comes with sheer confidence and enthusiasm.


For being a constant support

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A woman backs her husband whenever he requires it. She is not just his partner, but a moral support, a guide, a friend, and a lover. She physically, emotionally as well as mentally stays by her man’s side in happy times as well as in the hours of distress, becoming his strength whenever he needs it.

Nose Ring

For she breathes for others

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A woman is never one person- she is about so many other people around who are dependent on her and she smilingly spends her every breath being there for them. Her every breath is dedicated for some special reason constituting of her personal, professional and social life.

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For she keeps everyone close to her heart

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The most important thing of all is that while she is burdened with a number of responsibilities, she never complains and consistently works for everyone with her heart and soul. Besides, she always speaks her heart out and stays strong with the decisions that she has landed on.


For her fingers are constantly at work

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A warm caress, a guiding finger, and a supporting push- all that she does to make a person comfortably rely on her to catch them as they fall. A guide such as her is the most essential asset one can ever have in a lifetime.

Hathphool Online

For the palm that holds us together

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It is only the woman who can hold everything together and yet smile with all her might. A brush of her touch can make a person calm and relaxed of all the tensions and push away all the problems of one’s life.

So, with these 9 online jewellery shopping types defining 9 different attributes of a woman’s life, we are not left with many words but only to express the gratitude for being there in our lives.

Go on and buy these jewellery online to make these Navratri festival a bit more gleeful!


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