August Fashionoscope- Aquarius

Zodiac pendant Aquarius necklace
Aquarius Pendant

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 18th)

August might be THE most impactful month of them all, Aquarius. You know why? Because you will be hell-bent on self-improving. You will want to get better at everything you do-from trying to brush your teeth for 2 minutes straight to putting on nail polish like a pro. You will not only want to get better at daily tasks but in your professional life as well.

This month may also be a little rocky because you might bump heads with either your loved ones or your colleagues. Thankfully, you are mature enough to know that people who hold grudges are dummies.  So, you will manage to move past that.

When it comes to love and relationships, you and your partner might be under some stress. Miscommunication, followed by an uncomfortable bout of silence, is expected.

To shatter this silence, try to go for a night out. We highly recommend a concert or a restaurant with live-singing. Adorn your best concert attire (which could be Bermuda denim shorts, a cropped hoodie, and a bandana) or a dinner-date outfit that could consist of a floor-length gown and a lightweight pendant and earrings to go with it.

Almost all problems look easier to overcome if you dress up. Remember: if you LOOK good, you FEEL good.

In terms of your work-life, you might be working towards getting better at your job. What you also need to get better at is the way YOU communicate with your co-workers. No one likes a harsh critic, and no one likes a pushy person either. Try not to be any of those things.

Sometimes, it is essential to realize that to grow as a successful person; you need to join hands with the people who stand on the same shore as you. It is important to tackle the waves that come your way TOGETHER.

Don’t let August ruin your mood or your goals. Turn things around for yourself.


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