August Fashionoscope- Aries

Zodiac pendant Aries necklace
Aries Pendant

ARIES (March 21-April 20)

Dear Aries, are you ready? Because August will allow you to develop as a human being in ways that you had never imagined. A lot of self-realization will also be involved in this process because, at every step of the way, you will learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.

A new passion that is entirely unrelated to work might tickle your fancy. And, you might realize that what you have been doing at work has not given you the same exhilaration as pursuing a new hobby has.

You will also venture onto roads unexplored. And, by that, we mean that you will incline to learn something new from a field you do not know at all. If you need any help to steer in the right direction, we suggest learning more about makeup and how to do it flawlessly. So, watching beauty gurus on Youtube that teach you how to choose the right foundation for your skin-tone or how to make a perfect winged liner with your eyeliner are some fields that you can test and explore.

What will ultimately follow is an energy-filled August in which you will always be on your feet because your mind will constantly be on the hunt to try new things and gather new experiences.

There may also be a point at which you might feel like changing your job. As we said, August will be filled with realizations and perhaps moving on will be one of the right epiphanies that will be born out of that busy head of yours.

August might be a major month because you may be tempted to rebrand your wardrobe and throw away all the pieces that you don’t wear. So, get rid of all those frumpy pants and faded shirts. And embrace tapered jeans and loose-fitting T-shirts.

Make your wardrobe summer-friendly and get excited to live your life to the fullest in August.


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