August Fashionoscope- Capricorn

Zodiac Pendant Capricorn necklace
Capricorn Pendant

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)

August will give you the opportunity to focus on your career truly. You will be fixated on your life-goals and looking for ways to achieve them.

We recommend the motto-“Dress the best” when going for your job every morning. To dress well and impress everyone around you, make sure that you select and lay out your outfit beforehand and also make sure that you take inspiration from Pinterest boards when you need style-tips.

You will also give some time to family as their support and motivation will come in handy when you are in the process of achieving your goals and ticking things off your wish-list.

You live your life your way. You love being the leader. You love feeling authoritative. However, taking things down a notch will not hurt. Sometimes, focusing on other people and putting yourself in their shoes is the better option.

In terms of love, things will remain stagnant, and the relationships you have right now will continue until the end of the month.

There is one aspect that you will need to handle this month, and it’s your social circle and whether you want to expand it or not. You may be nervous. Approaching new people always is. But talking about something well-liked by the group of people you are introducing yourself to is always a wise option.

This is why we suggest trying to look your best when approaching a new set of people. Looks matter and so do your opinions. To look great all the time, make sure that you carry a compact mirror everywhere you go. This is to check whether there is lipstick on your teeth or if kohl is getting smudged under your eyes. A box of wet tissues in your purse will also be super helpful as it will allow you to remove excess makeup. Always smell nice by wearing your signature perfume.


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