August Fashionoscope- Leo

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Leo Pendant

LEO (July 23rd-August 23rd)

Leo, your energy will be palpable everywhere you go because the sun will be in the sun-sign of the Lion throughout August and September. It will also bring in joy and an individualistic shade to your personality.

From July 23rd to August 23rd, your creative spirits will be at a record-high, and you will also put this creativity to good use at work and to moreover pursue your passion.

Since this is your birthday month, we want you to party like there is no tomorrow. Pop open a few bottles of champagne, wear a ruffle dress that is SO in trend right now, accompany it with waterproof color mascara and get ready to take so many pictures that your phone has no choice but to announce that it is out of storage silently!

However, SO much energy from you, Leo, could rub some people off the wrong way. So, a lot of unwarranted drama and emotional outbursts could be in store if you don’t channel your energy by using the right medium.

The new moon may bring in a barrage of surprises regarding love and finances. But that does not mean that you can take any of this for granted. Always be grateful for your inflating bank account or the partner that always likes to tuck you in bed and sneak a kiss on your forehead.

Uranus may bump shoulders with Leo in the first week of the month. And, this might unearth some scandals or unexpected events that you thought you had dodged.

August 15th will also be a significant cosmic day because that is when the Sun and Venus connect. It will invite you to love and stand up for yourself. Guess what? This is also the day of Rakhi, and we want you to shine like the star you are. So, adorn your favorite ethnic outfit and matching jewellery (not too much) because Rakhi is a day full of action. Being a sister, you have to be ready to constantly move around and enjoy your day with your family and siblings. So, do not wear jewellery that restricts your movements. We recommend a pair of lightweight but decorative Jhumkis and a cocktail ring. That should be adequate, simple, and sober.

August will feel like a dream. So, make sure that you incorporate it into your reality.


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