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pisces fashion horoscope
Pisces Pendant

PISCES (February 19th-March 20th)

If your horoscope were a recipe, Pisces, we are sure that it would be equal parts sweet and equal parts savory. Because, this month, you will not only focus on your professional life but also your family matters. You will shine in both spheres, and everyone will be content with how you contribute to the community around you. You will be very symmetric and balanced in your social life as well. To truly relate to people, your social skills will be at an exceptional level.

So that you can talk endlessly and not be hyper-aware of your makeup giving out under this humid weather, use a matte lipstick that stays intact even after you have had a few drinks, eaten a big dinner and chatted with lots of people.


Despite all this goodness, you will have to deal with emotions — lots of them. You could be happy one minute and sad the next. So, make sure that you don’t fall down this rabbit hole of emotions too often.
Pisces tend to delegate work to other people. However, August wants them to calm down and be patient with people who work for them. They need to give them time and space to complete their tasks individually and masterfully.
Despite being a kind and gentle person, you will have fights with your partner constantly. Nothing major because all this will resolve easily and peacefully. When you go for reconciliation dinners, make sure that you doll-up and spray your most favorite perfume.
The stars are aligned for YOU this August and so, when it comes to family, you will sleep better at night because your family will, too. It is all about how you handle fragile situations and we are confident that you will be able to handle every obstacle that comes in your way.
August is going to be great. You just have to wait and watch.


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