August Fashionoscope- Sagittarius

Sagittarius Pendant

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

You will unequivocally draw towards your career and nothing else. You’ll wake up with a mission and go to bed only after completing it. All this ambition and hard-work may even pay off, and you might get a promotion at work. So, make sure that your hair looks soft, flip-worthy, and Instagramable when you go in for that hefty paycheck.

We may have referred to only the career-oriented people above, but everyone knows that people with this sun-sign are very independent. So, this month will aid you in fulfilling all your dreams simply because you can do everything on your own. All that you have imagined might come true! Just don’t lose focus and keep multi-tasking and acing everything.

In terms of love, we got some bad news for you. The love and affection that you should direct towards your loved ones are not being channeled AT ALL, and you are focusing on trivial matters instead. It might go on until August 23rd.

Single people might still have it going for them as their chances of meeting someone new are high. It could even happen in a spiritual setting. Oh, the places that love unknowingly takes us to! Remember Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor also met at a spiritual setting (wink!). Don’t forget to carry our ‘Love” positivity bracelet with your romantic outfit.

To truly look good whenever and wherever in this uncomfortable monsoon, make sure that you avoid foundation as much as possible. More makeup means more danger for your pores. So, either go for an au-naturel look or use a CC Cream that also has SPF Protection.

Also, use a powder to set your makeup. It will not only ensures long-lasting makeup but also gives you a matte look in this rainy weather and stops you from looking a cakey, oily mess.

You will also feel for the poor and unfortunate. If things go your way, you might even make significant donations of clothes and food to the less-privileged.

Sagittarius, it is important to love yourself, but you need to love others with the same passion as well.

So, do right by August and let it do the same.


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