August Fashionoscope- Scorpio

Zodiac pendant scorpio necklace
Scorpio Pendant

SCORPIO October 24th-November 22nd

Like the curtains of a Broadway play, August will open grandly. Everything will be superb, and the possibilities will be delightfully endless.

You might buy a new car. Or, an acre of property. Or even plan a first-class trip overseas with family. If you do, we recommend you to decide your airport look one day in advance always carry outerwear and a fanny pouch that comes handy and is so in trend right now.

August will be a feel-good month. You will feel very accomplished for the next 31 days. Even if an obstacle presents itself to you, make sure that you step around it. This month wants to be gracious to you, so don’t do anything to disrupt this serenity.

You will also have the opportunity to hone your social skills. Not only that, but you might even run into someone at a bookstore or a coffee shop only to spark an inextinguishable flame of romance. A summer footwear that you can wear everywhere you go is the espadrilles or the mules. They are not only chic and summer-friendly, but they also make you look graceful and tall. And, they could even make you look more beautiful than you already are if and when you wear these while meeting your future beau.

Everyone in your family will be cordial to you, even the elders. Although they may spark some irritation in you at the end of the month, you will be mature enough to hash out any future arguments.

The stars are facing Scorpio this August so any health-related issues will also eliminate before they even have a chance to spread. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you go on a diet that is both healthy and enjoyable. Your liver and heart should be the utmost priority and consume food that nourishes both.

Let the August rush do its magic on you.


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