August Fashionoscope- Virgo

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VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

Planet Mercury governs Virgo, and this indicates drastic change. You had already been feeling a tremendous amount of change since September 2018, and this year will continue to make you feel blessed in terms of personal growth and partnerships. We suggest you wearing our ‘Blessed’ positivity bracelet for women always to remind you how blessed you are.

August will set the foundation for you to start achieving your goals. You will be making vision boards and To-Do lists so that you can feel closer to your dreams.

Family matters will stay on hold for a while because you will be otherwise preoccupied. Your family will push you forward and not mind when you are unable to give them time.

You will be moving stealthily closer to your goals, but you still need to remember to stay enthusiastic throughout. You have the ambition but don’t forget to add energy into the mix.

However, if you do feel lackluster at any point, take a breather. Accumulate your girl-gang and go have a Sangria..or five! Wear your best little black dress, pair it with a silver pearl necklace and pearl earrings. And, don’t let the Sangria stain your teeth! Also, it is very difficult to take out the stain of red wine from a white dress, and this is why we recommend wearing black or other dark colors so that you are not constantly worried about spilling something.

A girl’s night-out may be a great opportunity to spend your paycheck. However, do not splurge! Be wary of all the shopping that you do. Keep a journal to record your savings as well. Hold off till the first half of the month because, after mid-August, your investments will pay you back VERY well.

August will be so generous to you, Virgo, that it will give you plenty of chances to spark romance with a suitor. So, take out that bright red lipstick and brush off that under-confidence because you are going to go out there and find someone who is as smart and as sweet as you are.


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