Best Men’s Accessory for 2019

If clothes are cake, then accessory is icing.

There might be tons of outfits that suit your interest, but only the best complementing accessories would help in completing the look. It is simply because accessories have the capacity to express an individual’s personality as these come in different patterns, shapes, sizes, and hues. Interestingly, the term “Accessory” came into practice, particularly in the 20th century.

It is perhaps true that when it comes to accessories, men may not have many options as women do. Be it a party, wedding, conference or festival, every man wants to look sassy and classy. Certainly, there were days when a simple shirt, trouser and coat comprised the daily style game for men.  But things changed as fashion evolved with the time.

Today, men are equally fond of accessories that would make them look more suave and stylish. This is the reason why Fashion accessories have become useful to a person in the course of day to day activities as well as for occasional needs. Even though men’s accessories usually go unnoticed but finally, with time, they are quickly catching on.

Tip: Simplifying the uncomfortable relationship between masculinity and ornamentation. Rule of thumb: keep it simple!

Several new trends are becoming very popular for 2019. Here’s what’s trending:

Bracelets for Styling

Bracelets are the new iconic pieces making its way from 2018 trends to the New Year 2019. Chain and elastic bracelets are the most common types, however, 2019 shifts focus to stainless steel men’s bracelet that will awe you with its simplicity yet stimulate you with its sophisticated design. Leather bracelets are also an appropriate alternative for those who prefer a non-metal style of accessory.

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Where to Wear

From family functions to office parties, bracelets can be a great accessory to polish your look. Leather, beads, metal – choose something that complements the outfit.

Cufflinks can be fun

Cufflinks are necessary part of men’s wardrobe, generally while attending corporate meetings. Generally, men prefer wearing cufflinks for the special occasions and hence, avoids wearing on regular basis. An office wear cufflink would reflect a formal and sophisticated look. You can also opt for gold-toned versions and add a sparkle to your corporate lunch outfit by putting on these patterns.

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Where to Wear

There are many types of cufflinks like bullet, whale, fixed, chain, locking, and knotted cufflink with varied designs, especially for corporate meetings or wedding party.

Rings for every occasion

When you are wearing a suit, fashion dictates that you limit the number of rings on your fingers to one: your wedding ring. If you are not married, though, why not use a different ring to add style to your ensemble? The possibilities are endless, but you can stick to the conservative side. In short, it is best to avoid the bling. Choose instead a black stainless steel band with a sleek design, matte look, with a little bit of edge to it.

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Where to Wear

As the title says, rings can be worn for formal as well as informal occasions.

Chains around the nape

 With changing fashion trends, jewellery is no longer just a woman’s possession. Similarly, chains are available for men also, that too in various types of metal such as gold, silver, or stainless steel. For men’s accessory 2019 collection, there are platinum and gold plated chains making the most noise. We cannot deny that men’s gold plated artificial chains are quickly becoming a fashion trend.

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Where to Wear

Artificial gold plated chains can be worn on traditional outfits whereas platinum’s chains and necklaces can be worn with both, casual and formal attires.

We all know that well-chosen accessories can take an outfit to a whole other level and make it go from 0 to 100 very quickly. Hope that with our tips and suggestions, now you have a basic idea of what’s trending. Wear accessories right and look awesome!

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