Best Monsoon Guide 2019: Travel, Food, Fashion

Monsoon season is in full swing. And it is perhaps the right time to sit down on the porch with a steaming cup of tea and old Bollywood songs playing in the background. It is also the time for a much-needed vacation with or without your family. And, Monsoon season serves as sort of a refresher too. It waters plants on its own, rejuvenates the life of crops and makes the scent of the air ten times more fragrant (thanks to a phenomenon called petrichor). But amid all these generic elements of rain and everything that comes with it, Tistabene wants to try something new, Something fresh, something unprecedented. And, that is sharing a lifestyle guide with its trustworthy readers which will allow them to enjoy monsoon to the fullest by making some subtle lifestyle choices. So, please allow Tistabene to take you on a brief ride that saves you from moving around in your room when it rains.


PUSHKAR monsoon destinationPUSHKAR
Make your next Holiday-Destination Pushkar because by now, you must already know that Pushkar has some of the best places to visit in monsoon with a full range of resorts that reside there, with Ananta Hotels and Resorts being the most widely known out of all of them. Each resort in Pushkar has been made with only one intention and that is to ascertain the comfort of its guests. And during monsoon, the weather is nicer too since the temperature is relatively low, and it gets cloudy very frequently. Resorts like Aaram Bagh even have personal pools installed in guests’ rooms if they want to feel like kings/queens of the world by practising a swim stroke or two in a private setting. So, spend a small portion of the monsoon season by spending a night or two at these luxurious holiday-resorts and enjoy the grandiose all-you-can-eat buffets at these places each morning you are a guest there.

Coorg monsoon destinationCoorg is a district of Karnataka state, and it is also the place to be during monsoon and other times of the year since it is called a ‘hill station,’ and as far as we know, those have lovely weather throughout the year. There is plenty to do and plenty of Nature to capture in your cameras there as well. The best time to visit is anytime from May to October. Mallali Waterfalls are a  must-visit when you go there. Even Dubare Elephant Camp is a highly-liked tourist spot if you want to witness elephants in their natural habit and observe their everyday habits.

Monsoon style tips fashion
Okay, we know how obvious it is. Rain literally equals to umbrellas. But aren’t you bored of carrying the same old umbrella wherever you go? One way you can spice up your monsoon closet is choosing bright-coloured umbrellas that come in colours such as orange or green. And, you could also go for umbrellas that have quirky slogans written on them (We call them ‘Funbrellas’). You could also go for customized umbrellas with funny phrases written on them. It could be something like-“Don’t get drenched. Make this umbrella, your best friend.” Or, if you get really confused as to where to get such fancy umbrellas from, try Umbrella World that operates out of The United Kingdom.


Monsoon fashion style tip
It is rudimentary science, but we feel the need to repeat this cautionary disclaimer. And, it is that during monsoon, you must say goodbye to tight-fitting clothes because they will cling to your body uncomfortably once they get wet. Prefer loose clothes like jumpsuits and dresses that are made of soft materials such as cotton, linen or Khadi. If you have sleeveless or half-sleeved garments, make sure that you use them to the fullest because they will keep you comfortable and airy in this sticky weather. Another perk of wearing such clothes is that they also dry easily and quickly.

We also recommend you to have a look at our new range of bracelets that are made to inspire you each day with positivity. Monsoon days can be gloomy all you need is some jewellery to uplift you and your outfit with an umbrella of course. Check out these bracelets which are Pinterest worthy for sure.


Monsoon food and health
We might be under the impression that cloudy weather and the onslaught of raindrops right out of the sky calls for Indian tea. However, why not diversify things this monsoon? Try herbal teas this season. They are healthy, eclectic, and tasty. And, they are made from dried fruits, herbs and flowers! Our favorites would be either peppermint tea (very helpful in relieving discomfort in the digestive tract) or Hibiscus tea (it is pink, and pretty so it is instantly Instagram-worthy and it also helps lower high blood pressure).

Monsoon food and health
During monsoon, if there is something that sells like hotcakes are corn on the cob. Yes, it may sound very fancy and American, but it is our own very desi snack that is a hot favourite with Indians during monsoon. Tistabene loves the melting butter on a charcoal roasted corn with lots of masalas and a squeeze of lemon.

Rain is all pretty and pleasant. But with it  comes unwanted humidity. And that could lead to your face’s pores getting
clogged, and you could end up getting more acne than you can handle. So, a tip for the wise from the wise would be to wash your face at least twice a day so that you do not allow the oil to accumulate on your face.

Another precaution that you can take during monsoon the season is not to use store-bought products on your face, since it could inundate your face even more and make you break-out excessively. Therefore, make use of all that you have around your house. For example, you could mix  Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti with rose water to make a smooth paste along with a dash of camphor. You could then keep this paste in the fridge in an air-tight container and use a small portion of this mixture on the face several times a day and will give you a baby-soft skin that glows and is also resistant to the repercussions of rain.

We hope that in your busy life, you can take some time to adopt some of these lifestyle enhancements to your daily schedule and make it a MONSOON and not a MOPESOON!


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