Best Ways to Accessorize these Trending Sleeves

It has been aptly said that a lady can never have too many dresses, but well, we cannot blame them for it. After all, they are all bound by the constantly altering fashion trends.

One such fashion transformation witnessed this season is in the sleeve patterns. And if you are a fashion follower, then you’ve got to know how much variation has been made to the latest sleeve patterns. From ruffle, bishop and flounce sleeves, there are a number of emerging patterns that totally change the appearance of even a casual top.

Besides, they are available in various materials and can be found in dresses, button-downs, off the shoulder and surprisingly, even blouses and kurtis.

With a variety of choices, there must be a plenty of questions popping up in your brain.

So, to help you with the accessories part, below are the ideas on how you can accessorize with different sleeve patterns:

Ruffle Sleeves-

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Ruffle sleeves are the most trending amongst other sleeve patterns as ruffle designs are architectural and feminine but also polarizing. Accessorizing this outfit with patterns like White Stone Drop and Dangler Earring adds an edgy look to the appearance. Ruffle sleeves are great for occasions like family functions or a cocktail party.

Batwing Sleeves-

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As the name tells batwing sleeves are almost like the wings of a bat. The design is integrated with deeper armholes reaching till waist and is long in length till the wrist. Usually, Kaftan dresses have batwing sleeve designs. You can pair this sleeve design with a Triangular Drusy Cocktail Ring for a smart appearance.

Pleated Sleeves-

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Pressing pleats after washing can be a hectic task but no other sleeve pattern would look so beautiful like the pleated one. Within pleated sleeves, there are other sub-divisions like central box pleat, vertically pleated sleeve, sleeve with tucks, pleated butterfly sleeve, bamboo sleeve and sleeve with a faux cuff. These sleeves are trendy and give an out-of-the-box appearance to the look. You can be best paired with a Floral Designer Pendant Set for a cool and smart appearance.

Bishop Sleeves-

Bishop Sleeve is such that it is puffed at the forearm, especially the lower half and usually has a broad cuff. This type of sleeve is perfect for narrow shoulders. Bishop sleeves give a soft, feminine,and chic look. It also looks best in chiffon and lace designs and can be put up with Royal Emerald Shaped Solitaire Ring for a more gorgeous look.

Flounce Sleeves-

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Flounce sleeves resemble much like bell sleeves. This pattern is created by attaching a separate piece of circular-cut fabric to the sleeve. Flounce sleeves make a ruffle effect that gives this sleeve pattern their flare. For an attractive look, you can accessorize flounce sleeves with a Three Evils Eyes Golden Bracelet.

With this, we hope you found the information you were looking for!

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