Colors That Must Make Their Way to Your Wardrobe This Season

With the onset of spring, everyone will soon indulge in the colorful mood of Holi. But with winters bidding adieu, it is time to pack those dull, dark color clothes. As the spring season calls for changing your wardrobe to lighter and submerging colors to flaunt this summer. This year’s spring-summer fashion is refreshing as hues are uplifting, joyful, and vibrant without being overpowering.

The colors of this family include living coral, sunny yellow, pink peacock, princess blue, jester red, mauves, lavenders, mints, and peaches which are soothing, soft, and completely neutral. Most exciting hues in this season’s update are the pastel colors so, they are definitely going to have a major impact on style.

In an exhilaration of updating your wardrobe with the latest spring clothing collection, do not forget to upgrade jewellery boxes too because few pieces of ornaments can revamp your clothes to give them a new look every day! So, what kind of gemstones are you including into your jewellery box this season?

Here we are with trending spring hues in jewellery:

Sunny Yellow

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The yellow hue is coming up as a very strong color for the spring season. From sunflower yellow, soft pastel yellow to the rich mustard shade, this shade in all its versions will make you eager for a summer gateway. If you feel like you need to put a smile on everyone’s face then look for a gold plated dangler as yellow stands for happiness, optimism, energy, clarity, and joy. Or if that is a little too bold for you then opt for a softer butter yellow that enhances your skin tone.

Princess Blue

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Blue is associated with confidence, loyalty, and princess blue is glowing, vibrant and simply radiated royalty.  It is also regarded as beneficial to the mind and body. It was one of few tones noticed in the summer/ spring 2019 color trends but its magnificence attracted the attention of the audience. The two shades which complement it well are turmeric and mango mojito. Want to feel royal? Wear a blue colored stone ring because it might be a cooler hue but at the same time is classy and explicitly beautiful.

Pink Peacock

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Pink is a subtle color that means charming, romantic, playful, feminine, and sweetness. This intense magenta cannot be ignored for it is the type of color which can be well mixed with neutrals and shades like Turmeric and Aspen gold. This color is being utilized in female fashion designs, hence, women can opt for a stud earring for attracting great vibes and lots of attention.

Bright Green

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Everyone is going green and the fashion world is no different. Green has become an important figure in the fashion world especially Vogue. If you are looking for a great neutral piece this spring, and want to be distinctive among others, go for a bright green eye-catching chain long necklace and if that’s not what you are looking, then go for a bright moss green to compliment as it suits all types of skin tones.


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Brown, the color of elegance, earth, reliability, and stability is a natural color associated with the seasons of fall and winter. This chocolate and coffee combination color would go well with pepper stem, yellow, and warm red hue. A toffee colored dangler earring will suit perfectly with a white and black outfit for a subtle power play.

Hope that you got an idea on trending spring hues!

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