Cool Outfit Ideas for Rainy Days

A Monsoon Sunday is all about a cozy nap in the middle of the day while it pitter patters on the window pane and then, waking up to a hot cuppa, and the other hand stretching out to feel the water droplets embracing your skin gently- This sounds like the best scenario for a rainy day at home when you are carefree and have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Wow! This just feels amazing, doesn’t it?

But then..

BOOM! Monday happens.

The day that takes everything out of the equation except the rain. Now, imagine stepping out for work or elsewhere while it’s drizzling, raining or well, drenching you in surprise showers!

Before this dreary dream comes true, let us help you with some cool outfit ideas to look as phenomenal on rainy day as you do on other days:

The little black dress with knee-high boots

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The smartest combination for a rainy day is going for knee-high because it protects major parts of your legs from getting drenched. If you’re thinking LBD, then you’re opting an impeccably safe choice. You can also top it off with a coat that covers most of your outfit to protect it from the elements. You can Moreover, add some bling in the dress with two tone fashion pendant set.

A pair of skinny jeans and rubber rain boots

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There is absolutely no harm in going classic with a pair of skinny jeans and rubber rain boots. Throw on a bright top, jacket and scarf, and carry a colorful umbrella as well as a hat to finish it off. A good tote or sling bag (make sure it is waterproof to protect the items inside it) with the attire along with a ring and pendant set would look good!

Separates and patent burgundy boots

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Playing with colors in the cool monsoon weather is an incredible choice. So, make it fun and cool with fuchsia umbrella, gray top and skirt, rich leather handbag and patent burgundy boots. Add interesting accessories to your outfit to amp up your look. Play a little with your hair by twirling it from the sides flowing together into a ponytail.

Jeans/Skirts with duck boots

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Take a break from the traditional knee-high rain boots and go for a lightweight alternative – short duck boot. They look awesome under both skirts and jeans. Pairing it gives you a routine casual look for the monsoon day.

Just remember that the finishing of fashion jewellery can get affected if not taken care of properly. Especially, in the monsoon season, try to avoid getting it drenched in the rain and store it carefully as the moisture in the air can result in its corrosion.

But, this should not stop you from buying it because remember, it has its own pluses also:

• It is elegant and comes in multiple options.

• Pocket-friendly

• Fine finishing

• Can be changed frequently

So guys, enjoy the monsoon splurge and don’t hesitate to do online jewellery shopping from Tistabene Portal!


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