December Fashionoscope- Aries

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Aries, we know that you have an inner-child within you. But curbing your child-like tendencies should be a priority this December. Sometimes, temper tantrums look cute and are fun to upload as part of your Snapchat story. But this is only when they come from 5-year-olds and not fully grown adults. 

So, don’t you dare fret over that cute trench coat being out of stock. Be patient because December will be as frosty as it will be joyous. 

Also, don’t even think of doing anything immature. The list includes- shopping excessively and trying to defy winter by wearing that alluring (but short) skirt to the office. 

When Jupiter enters Capricorn, your professional life will transform irrevocably. So, expect to invest extra hours in the office and even respond to work-related calls on Sundays. The professional success that you had garnered naturally will have to be earned now, piece by piece, and day after day. 

When Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 9, you will unleash your inner bon-vivant. And, when you do, throw a party or an impromptu get-together. Assemble trays of assorted cheeses and wine. Mingle with your guests and make them your best friends before the night is replaced by dawn. Invite anyone and everyone and reap the benefits of knowing almost everyone in town. 

When the full moon lands in Gemini, you will be torn. To work or not to work? It’s easy to take sick leave when you are not sick, but it is you who will have to deal with repercussions and those icy glares from the big boss.

As we said before, immaturity is a big no-no. You must act like the big girl (or boy) that you are. 

Also, taking sick leave from work just to party may have the opposite effect on you since you might feel left out from weekly office meetings. Don’t let this kind of stress build-up and simply allow December to do its magic on you. 


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