December Fashionoscope- Gemini

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

December is here, Gemini, and as cold as it may be, you must welcome it willingly! You spent November sifting through demanding lovers, but the last month of the year should be spent in short-listing and then subsequently deciding who made the final cut. 

You must set out to seek someone who prioritizes you and only you. Think about with whom do you want to spend the rest of your life. In general, you are a social butterfly, but this month, you will be left contemplating in a corner. 

When Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, you will realize the importance of pursuing the career that you always wanted. Thus, you will be coerced into working harder than usual. Leave lasting impressions on people. And, this can only happen when you network well with strangers in business events and conferences. A trick to impress people through communication is through role-playing. Stand in front of the mirror and try to have a conversation out loud, so that you can judge your skills. If you feel that you have convinced your self enough and have reasonable points to put across and made an impression, we are sure it will have an impact in real on others as well.

The key is to find a balance where you are not directly pursuing the person but also subtly highlighting your strengths.

Also, to network with more vigor than usual, create a Linkedin profile. Or, if you already have one, revisit it and perhaps update it with your latest aspirations and achievements. 

When there is a full moon on December 11, you will be so bold that conquering the world will look almost effortless. Your steadfastness will impress your co-workers, and you will be able to ask for whatever you want, professionally, of course. You’ll be the lion or the lioness prancing around with a heart of gold and a blazing stare. 

On the Full Moon night, make sure to take a stroll on the terrace. They say that a moonlit sky is beautiful and inspiring. So, why not do something to get a little closer to Nature? It might do you some good.


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