December Fashionoscope- Taurus

TAURUS (April 21 and May 21)

There’s a misconception about you, Taurus. It is that you are tremendously lazy. But it’s time to prove everybody wrong. This December, let everyone know that you have the ability to fight for whatever you want and that being lazy is just a side trait and not an irreplaceable hobby. 

When it comes to the love department, don’t brush it off. Think hard about your current partner or the potential partner you have been eyeing for a while now. We know how easy it is to get swept away by overwhelming feelings for someone. But, think about what your partner brings to the table and whether you two get along like bread and butter or not.

To truly lay all your cards on the table, go out for drinks with your partner. And, dress down for this chilled-out evening-a leather jacket with denim jeans and black boots. Order champagne and have a heart-to-heart and see where it leads you with your lover.

December Fashion Horoscope TaurusBe persistent when it comes to work. If you have set a goal for yourself, stick to it. If there’s a group presentation to be done in the office, raise your hand first to contribute. 

People around you expect you to commit to projects. Show them how it’s done and end this decade with a bang!

On December 11, when the full moon enters Gemini, expect to find answers for the questions that make you wonder often. It may sound like some philosophical tomfoolery, but like love, life-related answers come when you least expect them to. 

When Venus enters Aquarius on December 19, celebrate life and the joys that it manages to bring with it. If you are a fragile weakling, change your modus operandi by going out for parties and night-outs. Talk to people as much as you can. Just stay on your feet with a glass of Martini in your hand, and you’ll look like the most approachable person in the room.


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