Different Ways of Styling Neck Scarves

Spring is approaching and it’s time for all new wardrobe and new fashion ideas. The season’s favorites are the different patterns of wearing scarves! These are inexpensive and adaptable fashion accessory that can be worn in innumerable ways. Wraps can be worn as sarongs and for sun protection in the summers and spring while as shawls and neck warmers in winters and autumn.

Scarves were traditionally worn to symbolize other countries and religious beliefs, but now this piece of cloth is being given a new look by fashion stylists due to the variation in trends. Today, head scarves can be used as an alternative to wearing hats or help you hide those gray hair, adverse hair cut or a horrible hair dye.

These are exceptionally handy when it comes to accessorizing, from a golden bracelet, gold plated ring, fabulous hat, golden hoop, chain necklace or a beautiful small handbag can really make a difference and change your appearance in a good way.

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Here are several ways of wearing them around necks, wrist, or even waists in summers and still not look insane:

The Basic Loop

It is one of the easiest ways to show off the print, texture, and colors of square summer scarf. Simply place it behind your neck with one side hanging vaguely lower than the other side. And then take the longest one and loop from the front of your neck to the back.

The French Knot

This scarf style will help you walk across the streets of France. This knot look will give a sharp and smart look. Firstly, fold in half into a triangle, and then put the triangle in front of the neck. Lastly, bring both the ends back to the front side. Now, take both the sides and adjust to the left or right side, depending on your choice.

The Western Neck

To be that perfect cowgirl chic without bothering about the horse, the western neck is just the perfect style. Half of the process of tying it is like the French knot except for the last round, because here you need to tie a knot and tuck under the scarf to secrete it, instead of adjusting, unlike French knot.

Twist and Tie

Does anyone remember’s love for headscarves? Here we are talking about the same knot style on how to pull out a few face-framing layers of hair to fall below and above the scarf, and how it adds a simple, soft and feminine touch to the overall look.

Tied as a Belt

Belts maybe an underrated accessory, but a scarf can be tied as a belt to break the usual routine of styling an outfit. Wrap the scarf around your waist, and tie both the ends in a low double knot.

Neck scarves are available in different shapes and sizes such as geometrics, abstract, original patterns, floral, pinstripes, two-toned and a whole lot more available to feed the increasing number of users.

Now, what are you waiting for? Step out in style by incorporating these patterns!


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