Embrace The November Color: YAY-LLOW!

Hey all November lovers, this Season flaunt the YELLOW color as much as you want because it is going to be lucky for you. Yes, Citrine and Topaz are the birthstones of November, which are said to be directly associated with the warmth of the Sun, therefore the yellow color.

Yellow color fans must also know that it stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, optimism, enlightenment, joy, energy, and loyalty. Yellow color is known as a happy color, which evokes feelings of happiness, optimism and energy.

To assist you in radiating positive vibes, we have assembled a few yellow color ornaments:

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

Designer Dangler EarringClick on Image to Buy Now

Take a sojourn to the tranquil shade of yellow and let yourself simmer down from stress. Be the one that you are and rise beyond the negative escape. These handmade raw colored stone dangles earrings will surely give your day a direction to positivity.

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature

Floral Colored Stones Stud EarringClick on Image to Buy Now

Radiating positivity through your Nature is as important as being good to others. Keep your surroundings positive and see how beautifully everything else comes back to you in just a spur of a second. This floral beauty will do just that for you and attract everyone like a bee to nectar.

Sun shine on my mind

Contemporary Indo Western Dangler EarringClick on Image to Buy Now

When everything is painted by the Sun’s happy colors, there is no chance of anything getting dull. So, be the shining star amongst all with this yellow gold plated earrings in alloy adorned with yellow stones, inspired from “Sun’s Beauty”.

Love for chandbali

Chandbali EarringClick on Image to Buy Now

Chandbali gets its name due to the crescent shape of the Moon, however, it is as capable of shining and bringing everything to its feet just like the Sun. For the Chandbali lovers, these earrings are the muse- now and forever!

Party Earrings- Check

Floral Peacock Religious Dangler EarringClick on Image to Buy Now

Intricate peacock motifs designed on the earrings affixed with the strands of stunningly embellished chains marking an end to the maple leaf designs. Totally worthy of wearing them for parties and festivals this season.

Let us be friends forever

Contemporary Old Silver Dangler EarringClick on Image to Buy Now

A true friend stands by you forever, in thick and thin and in parties and normal days. So will this earring, serving your purpose for both parties and normal days!


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