Explore Smartly Curated Geometric Jewellery Patterns by Tistabene

People have been associating with jewellery for as long as there have been humans on Earth! But what was the purpose? Well, different people connected with jewellery in a number of ways: For some, it was a way to accentuate their look while for the others, it was a medium to represent their wealth and status.However, just one of these many things that we love about these iconic pieces is that it fosters the beauty of a person.

People these days are constantly on a lookout for something new and trendy to be added to their wardrobe. Therefore, if you are also a person who loves putting on jewellery with your attires, then geometric pattern should definitely be explored by you since it is not only made of basic design elements like triangles, squares, circles, and ovals, but it’s great for all-purposes- causal, party, formal etc.

Isn’t it amusing to hear that the subject that scared us once is now a part of our jewellery!

Wondering from where to explore these geometric jewellery designs? Tistabene knows just what you need:

Bold Chains and Necklace

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Who said long chains can’t be worn as Jewellery? Bold chains and necklace designs are becoming people’s favorite these days. You can try Geometric Triangles Chains Necklace to make a bold statement. It gives a classic yet elegant look for all occasions. The best way to rock this will be to combine with a simple piece of clothing for a contrasting graceful appearance.

Classy Earrings

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Missing the old antique designs? These days anyone can see that trends from the ‘80s making a comeback. Well, earrings are no exception to it. In fact, like before, textured earrings will soon be occupying major areas of the fashion street. One such pattern is Triangular top Indo Western Jhumki in geometric earrings, which will elevate any ensemble. Besides, it is available with us in many colors; hence, you can wear it with outfits of varies colors as well.

Cocktail Rings-

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Say goodbye to your old and boring rings for they are going to be replaced by geometric ring designs. If you are a person who wants an elegant design but with style, then cocktail rings are for you! Try a Triangular Drusy Cocktail Ring with a bold apparel to make you stand out of the crowd. Doubled and tripled rings can also be combined for a smarter and cool look. So, get ready to surprise the onlookers with your modern geometric ring design!

Stylish Bracelets

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Are you someone who loves being stylish? Then bracelets are a perfect choice for you as over the time, bracelets have proven to project a stylish statement. Crystals, chain, and bead designs on bracelets are banging on the beauty of the market. Do check for the geometrical Contemporary Colored Stones Adjustable Chain Bracelet in this segment for creating a conventional look. Our collection of bracelets varies from contemporary to classic for all age groups, so everyone can wear them.

To get these or explore more such designs, please visit www.tistabene.com.


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