Factors To Consider While Going For Online Jewellery Shopping

Today, online shopping is the most convenient and exciting way of bringing the desired products at home. We do not deny that online shopping has made shopping easier than before, but it has also spiked the possibility of private information ending up in the hands of a wrong party. Reason being, there are many fake websites coming up these days, which lure customer into buying products, but the customers often get cheated on by receiving fake or cheap products against what’s presented on the website. Sometimes, they even end up paying for the products that they don’t even receive.

Thus, the spike in such fraud cases has not only created a mistrust amongst customers, but genuine service providers are also made to pay a price for the same.

So, what’s the solution behind it?

Customers need to be more vigilant and must first ensure that the service provider is genuine. So, take a look at below at the factors that you should consider while going for online shopping:

Shop from reputed online portals –

Various fraudsters and scammers are taking benefit of online shoppers. Make sure that you only deal with genuine online stores. You can also examine an online store by reading its reviews and reports. Make inquiries from online shopper’s forums about the concerned online store to find out if that online store is genuine. However, don’t be misguided with some legitimate online sellers that use third-party vendors to take charge of their transactions. Those that use third-party vendors will direct you to other site during signing out.

Secure your payments –

Fraudsters and thieves are able to get hold of customers’ credit card details to steal. Therefore, when you shop online, make sure that you provide your credit card details only with rightful businesses. Another factor to consider is that you are dealing with the right seller is by checking the customer reviews. Buyers’ reviews are evidence that the vendor can be believed and that your money will be in good hands once you enter your credit card numbers.

Product Details –

The more the merrier. You can’t have sufficient knowledge when it comes to jewelry. So, before making a purchase, make sure you get yourself familiar with as much details as you can about the metals, gemstones, size, shape, weight and durability of the artificial jewelry you are procuring. This will also tell you about the supplier whether he is genuine or not and has an idea about what he is offering.

Know about returns and cancellation policies –

You should know return and cancellation policies in advance, since everyone looks for flexibility. Everyone wishes that if they do not like the product so that they are able to return it and also get refunds. An added bonus not just you, everyone wants!

Placing orders –

While you place your order, confirm twice about how long delivery time will take. If there is a holiday or long weekend then shipping time would take longer than usual. Also check out if the provider is offering you Cash on Delivery, which will keep you safe from receiving any fake product.

So, be more vigilant and don’t save or share your card details with the new brands. It is only by being cautious can you escape the fake set up laid by the fraudsters.


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