10 Lesser-Known Facts About Jewellery

Jewellery has a long fascinating history including its name changing from place to place. The word jewellery comes from “jewel”, from the old French “joule”, which in turn comes from the Latin “jocale”, where it means ‘plaything’. Well, we couldn’t agree more with its meaning, after all, it is one thing that can be played in a number of ways, depending on mood, costume, occasion and even style.

From spelling, meaning to historical significance, there are so many facts that are still lesser known to the most of us.

In the wake of our fascination with these stunning game-changers, here are a few interesting facts to rejoice in. Ah well, we don’t mind you exchanging this information to impress your friends! 😉

So, here we go:

1. Ever imagined how old jewels really are?

Guess what, jewels and other decorative items are old as the human race itself. Surprised?


2. How do you think that the tradition of engagement ring came up?

It was Maximilian of Austria who introduced the tradition of giving the fiancée an engagement ring in 1477. He gave his soon-to-be wife Mary of Burgundy masterfully crafted ring as a promise of marriage.


3. Jewellery- a status symbol of the past?

4. Can you imagine crushing precious stones for makeup like this last ruler of Egypt did?

It is even said that Cleopatra used to grind Peridot and ground pearls to use it as an eye shadow.

5. How was the idea for jewellery first addressed?

Humans always loved the idea of jewelry. For instance, the trinkets of our Cro-Magnon lineages were made from bones, berries, teeth or stones threaded on a simple string or animal ligaments.

6. Which is the oldest piece of jewellery known to humanity?

The oldest piece of jewelry known to man is over 100,000 years old. It was a string of beads made from Nassarius shells, a kind of snail species living on mud or sand flats.

7. Have you ever heard about this expensive remedy for an upset stomach?

Quite an expensive remedy, wouldn’t you agree?

8. Well, no one can be blamed for loving too much jewellery especially because it inherently comes to us from our ancestors.

Ancient Assyrians never held themselves back when it came to jewelry. They used to wear ridiculous amounts of jewelry like ankle bracelets, amulets, and huge multi-strand necklaces.

9. So, what exactly do bracelets mean?

The word “bracelet” coins from the Latin “brachile”, which means “of the arm”. The first bracelets date back to Ancient Egypt (7000 BC) when they were prepared from wood and bones and symbolized religious or spiritual ideas.

10. The two utmost important things in one- earrings and cologne? Wow!

Can we have one too, please?



Well, jewellery definitely is not just an ornament but also something with an impeccable historical significance!

So, stay tuned for more such mind-boggling information on jewellery and more!




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