The Fashion at Filmfare 2020- Boring and Daring

How did the Bollywood celebrities do in the Fashion Department at the 65th Filmfare Awards? Find out here.  

If you were also looking forward to the kind of outfits Bollywood celebrities would wear during Filmfare 2020, you’re not alone. We also had plans to carefully scrutinize every gown and tuxedo that would walk the Filmfare’20 red carpet, but we felt very unexcited after realizing that no one had tried being fashionably experimental this year. 

Except for Ranveer Singh, of course. We don’t expect him to do anything less. This time around, he was seen sporting a Kaushik Velendra tux that had structured shoulders and intricate embroidery. This outfit is not as outlandish and audacious as his previous ones, but it does the job of looking groovy enough for Filmfare. 

Another aspect of Filmfare 2020 Fashion that we could not get on board with was the obvious repetition seen in the gowns worn by many actresses. 

For example, Ananya Panday’s gown by Dylan Parienty looked like the yellow version of the pink Giambattista Valli number once worn by Deepika Padukone. 

Filmfare 2020- Tistabene BlogEven Alia Bhatt, who looked every bit angelic, could not impress the fashionistas with her silky and pastel gown by Georges Hobeika. We had half-expected her to surprise us with a chic pantsuit or an embroidered cape dress that would magically eliminate all the social inequalities women face in the society today. 

Filmfare 2020- Tistabene BlogWhile every celebrity during Filmfaremare 2020 looked confident and radiant, they played safe with their wardrobes. Usually, B-Town celebrities like to wear the unthinkable so that it is talked about days or weeks after the event they wore the ensemble in has concluded. 

Nevertheless, we have to honor unsung heroes sooner rather than later, and this is why we think Taapsee Pannu deserves some acknowledgment for trying something new. Nature may have inspired her dress, and she may have looked like an uncharacteristically fierce butterfly. However, we still think that she should have chosen subtle earrings to go with it so that it would bring out the beauty and starkness of the butterfly detail. 

Filmfare 2020- Tistabene BlogUsually, fashion at award shows is layered, and there are so many elements to look at and discuss what we, as fashion bloggers, find it hard to handpick what should be put in the limelight and what should be omitted. However, fashion at Filmfare 2020 was more boring and more mundane than we would have expected. It was a lazy fashion at best. The dresses looked like they were picked by people who could not be bothered with glamorous award shows that celebrate the Bollywood film industry for its annual ardor. 

The B-Town celebrities gave us nothing to talk about regarding their Filmfare outfits, so naturally, we’re not going to talk about them. 

There is only one statement that we would like to put out there, and it is that fashion tends to evolve drastically every hour of every day, but it is the unspoken obligation of public figures such as celebrities to showcase how fashion is changing and how quickly they are accepting it and turning it into something entirely extraordinary. If you are also one of those fashionistas who always love to try new combinations with artificial jewellery or customized jewellery, then Tistabene is the best store for online jewellery shopping in India where you can also find designer clothing for new trends.


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