How to be Fashion Ready for Summer?

The sweltering days of summer make it unbearable to stand out in the sun for even a few seconds. It also leaves a major impact on our lifestyle- from food, eating routine to clothing as well as the SPF count- everything alters for a while!

But, of all the thing, the biggest concern arises when these frequent seasonal changes take a toll on our fashion fends andensue us to become a part of certain unfriendly fashion disasters.

So to avoid any major fashion catastrophe this season, which we are sure you wouldn’t want to be a part of, we have just the perfect guide to amp up your summer style. Be it clothes, shoes, hairstyle or accessory, we have the complete solution for you.

What clothes should you select?

Loose and comfortable clothes is what we look forward to on those scorching days.

Shorts, as you know, are aneccentric choice for anyday, anywhere this season! Go for distressed shorts with aloose button down white shirt or a top, little sling on the side, glasses on eyes- and guess what, that’s that- you know you’re already in the best comfortable looking attire.

Another option is of a short casual dress in floral prints or geometric patterns.Try putting it on with white shoes that are trending right now to balance off the casual look.

The next pick could be that of a short and classy jumpsuit. Well, strapless or not, its quirkiness won’t fade away in any case, for this is what summer really should be spent like- in cool and breezy clothes.Distressed denim is yet another good option to pick.

A straight fit style denim paired with a crop top gives one a comfortable look. You can add some fun to it by adding a long shirt cum shrug or a hat for the summer suitable look.

Which hairstyle should you choose?

One of the things that summer season expressly makes us do is keep those hair strands as far away from the face as possible. Although the selection varies from one person to another, if you choose to keep your hair open, then keep your locks away from the sweat, which you can accomplish by loosely braiding it up from one end and pinning it up at the back of the head.

Another way to get summer suitable hairstyle is Twirling, one of the favorite things we do. For the summer season, there is no better solution for your quick hairstyle than twirling your two hair strands from either side of the center partition.

Oh well, all hair up and settled into a bun- how comfortable it just feels. You can add an oomph to this style by strenuously starting off with a French braid from the front side of your headline joining it effortlessly into your bun.

One more way to style your hair for summer is by pulling it into a ponytail, where you can braid a few strands up into numerous thin French braids. Extend one of the braids from where the ponytail starts. This would remove the monotony from your routine ponytail style.

What shoes would look the best?

Completely dependent on the choice, from shoes to sandals, you can wear anything. But, when you’re expected to spend most of your time out in the Sun, it is preferable to opt shoes. Be it brogues or sneakers, you can wear them with the dress, shorts as well as rugged pants also. All in all, they are of incredible use!

Other than this, sandals make a comfortable and a better-looking choice than flip-flops. The footwear that come with lace-ups are an adorable choice with shorts as well as dresses. So, choose these, if you’d like to add a simple yet elegant look to your bare legs.

And finally, how should you accessorize?

Since it is summer season, it is best to accessorize with light jewellery patterns, like a pair of earrings, bracelet, ring or a young and subtle looking pendant set.Pick up the best that complements your looks and also makes you feel classy.

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