June Fashionoscope- Aquarius

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Zodiac pendant Aquarius necklace
Aquarius Pendant

The month of June, for you, Aquarius is happy-go-lucky. Usually and mostly, you have always been perceived as moody and sulky. But this month will be different. You will be able to shed this demeanour for a party or two. There is a high chance of romance blossoming as well.

Amid that loud music and those bright lights, there is a high chance that you will find yourself right at home. And, this does not mean physically but mentally. You will be right where you always wanted to be and that is a feeling many people search for tirelessly and never find it.

To feel even better, always dress in your best clothes, spray your favourite perfume and put those tresses in a ponytail! We would do it too because it’s so hot currently!

When the new moon arrives in Gemini on June 3rd, a new creative project will settle its roots inside your head. You will be all up in it to finish it. There will be creative energy and a lot of brainstorming which will lead you to feel freer than usual. It truly is the right time to work hard and party harder!

You also like being organized but a set of random events should not disturb you greatly. In fact, you will enjoy the spontaneity.

When Venus enters Gemini on June 8th, there will be a lot of flirtatious energy oozing from either someone you met at work or someone you met at the bar. This cute banter with the respective person will cheer you up irrevocably.  This, however, could bring some unwarranted drama into your social life. But all will be well if you take a step back to reconsider if you want to live this soap-opera-ish life or not.

Life in the month of June will go by but not without some fun moments that will become nostalgic later. Nevertheless, you need to remember not to be unnecessarily generous when it comes to money. Think about this investment and whether it is truly worth it or not.


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