June Fashionoscope- Aries

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Zodiac pendant Aries necklace
Aries Pendant

Aries, you have finally made it to the month of June. Your colour is red and this is why you may be feeling all kinds of fiery because of both the weather and your zodiac sign.

June might be a little hard to get through but why worry when Tistabene is here with its friendly and frolicking Fashionoscope! After all, fashion and shopping have the power of making every girl’s day better, don’t they?

June will be the time of the year where you will be in collaborative spirits for your career and future prospects. The harmony and peace at home will be like comfortable background noise and this is why you will be able to focus more clearly on what kind of phase you want to be in your career five years from now.

This also means that you will have to be a social butterfly and that coincidentally means that you will have to look your best. We, at Tistabene, follow the prosaic phrase of “dress to impress” and we think that a floral maxi dress with strappy heels will look very, very charming! Pair it with a long shrug if you are at work!

A little bit of cooperation with your colleagues and compromise will go a long way and give you better results before you have had time to wait for them. To fall in line with people you would rather not do so with is hard and we know that but we just want you to hold on tight. Some self-restraint in the month of June should be able to relax you in the coming months. And, a few Yoga poses would help too! There is one we like to do as well. It’s called “Chillaxasan”.

Not all is as topsy-turvy because investment in money for both recreational and long-term purposes should be fine to do as long as you don’t overdo it.

June will also be the month to engage in romance and we think that you should ALWAYS go out wearing the lipstick shade that makes YOU feel confident! Better not take any chances. After all, we are talking about romance here, you know?


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