June Fashionoscope- Cancer

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Zodiac Pendant cancer necklace
Cancer Pendant

When it comes to intuition, you have already mastered the art of it, Cancer. But this superpower of yours gets a boost as the sun moves through Gemini.

This June will be very retrospective as you will be want to left alone in a corner with your thoughts and fantasies. And, the only people you will want to let in are those who you trust with your life.

This Me-Time will also allow you to ask the integral question of what you want from a relationship and how you want to go about getting it. Amid all this, make sure that you rest up. Because a well-rested mind makes the best decisions.

When Mercury connects with Uranus in Taurus on June 7th, you will have the chance of meeting rare people and when you do, you should impress them as they impress you by wearing something that coincides with your zodiac sign. Perhaps, a pendant with your zodiac sign on it should do the deed!

This time will be the pinnacle of communication and innovation. Some surprising news is also bound to arrive. When Venus enters Gemini on June 8th, you’ll feel like you’d rather cosy up with your closest friends and bounce off secrets off of each other. During this time, you can listen to some jazz and revel in the company of people you love!

June will be the time to outline boundaries in your relationships. Reevaluate what maturity level you and your partner want to be at this stage. To love is important but to fight hard for a relationship is integral as well.

You might hit a wall when communicating. This is not just limited to your partner but to figures of authority as well. You want to march to your own beat and we get it. But doing so could prove dangerous and possibly make things messier and more complicated.

To optimize the magic of the full moon, you need to maintain a beautiful balance between work and rest. Perhaps focusing on them both would be better than handling relationships with flimsy communication accompanied by a poor choice of words.

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