June Fashionoscope- Capricorn

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Zodiac Pendant Capricorn necklace
Capricorn Pendant

Capricorn is notorious for being excessively neat and tidy. Their clothes are laid out for their next day, their schedule has been concisely written somewhere only they know and they are on top of their game all the damn time.

However, this month might be a little different. And Tistabene’s Fashionoscope would like to extend a fair warning because June will be messier than usual. Things will be out of control but you need to maintain your cool. You will have to make yourself busy by being creative and try to brainstorm so that you do not become irritated by all this interception. Doodling helps when you are trying to be creative and lazy at the same time!

When there is a new moon in Gemini on June 3rd, you have the opportunity to kick start a new habit or two. And, we think that one of these habits is a much-needed shopping spree at Tistabene and brushing your teeth before you go to bed! Hygiene first, fashion second!

If nothing feels right this June, you really need to be patient. Things will be misty at first but it is important to remember that Rome was not built in a day. When Venus enters Gemini on June 8th, you should take some time out to go for a spa or attend a meditation class. When it comes to working, it will be easy-peasy and you will enjoy your job more than ever.

Spend your energy smartly this June. You could lose it all if you obsess over matters that do not need much of your attention.

You will also butt heads when striking balance with connection and communication. Are you doing less of it? Too much of it? Or, not at all? You need to think hard about these questions as well.

This is not the right time to focus on organizing your life, as you like doing. This is the time to stretch out those legs and just daydream. You must let your imagination run free. But not so free that you end up becoming paranoid. So, window shopping highly recommended which will help you daydream about what outfits you can wear and what jewellery you can pair with it!


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