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Pisces (February 19-March 20)


Pisces Pendant


While everyone may be rejoicing about it being the season of Gemini, this might prove to be a more difficult time for you, Pisces. But worry not because Fashionoscope is going to help you feel better with its Tistabene Fashion Recommendations.

You are almost always brewing with new ideas but this will be the season to slip into a cave and think about all those good, ol’ times! During these moments, you will connect with yourself on a whole new level. Things will be clearer and paths relatively easier. So what are you waiting for? Cuddle up in your favourite ‘Frozen’ themed pyjamas and get a Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream tub to reflect on life!

When Venus waltzes with Pluto, things will be intense. For those not trying to shy away from intensity, this will be a joyous time as they always crave some action in their otherwise mundane life.

The month of June should also be utilized for some home-cleaning. This will help you avoid getting frustrated at the thought of not getting the answers to questions that you seek so desperately.

And, consequently, when Venus enters Gemini on June 8th, you will have a strong urge to make your home more beautiful. And, when you are done doing so, you should be able to invite your folks, friends and friendly foes to your rebranded house. When this happens, prance around gracefully in a white cotton kurti and some comfy chappals! #SummerGarb!

When Mercury enters Cancer on June 4th, party invitations for you will start stacking up and you will be eager to go to every get-together.

This means that you will in a very creative and romantic mood throughout June. Use this to your advantage and make projects and memories by which you will always be remembered.

No matter what mood you might be in, outside forces may not agree with your elation. Friends and people at work may not be on the same page as you. And, it might be the right moment to evaluate how you want to proceed. With this happening, it might be a good time to hear your elders’ advice and give it a good thought.



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