June Fashionoscope -Sagittarius

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

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Sagittarius Pendant

This month will hurl a lot of changes at you and you are going to have to endure them and accept them as they come. June might test your patience because everything may look like it is out of your control but at this time, your perseverance might be your best virtue.

You also have to remember to be positive all the time, because, if not, things will become messier than usual. In this moment of weakness and uncertainty, you have to envision the light that exists at the end of the tunnel. Another thing you can do is be mesmerized by the charm that summer evenings bring with them. Get your cute cross body bag, sunglasses and that water bottle and get on to exploring the pink city!

This month’s silver lining is that you might develop a social circle that you can always rely on. Or, your already existing social circle might become more trustworthy than before.

If you are married, there is a high possibility of fights with your spouse. You and they might be stress-ridden but this stress might decrease at the end of the month. The fights may last if you continue on with your disagreements so take charge and bring harmony to your married life and others’.

It may or may not be due to fights within the household but this might drastically affect your health so we urge you to take care of your physical health and consult the doctor immediately if the need arises. Exercising daily will also help you redirect your energy and this will allow you to be less aggressive if a fight ensues with your loved ones. So, eat more leafy greens and drink that smoothie too!

The fights might not just be limited to home as a confrontation with your boss or colleagues may also occur at your workplace. So, it is your job to be braver and more patient when such situations come your way. Perhaps you could partake in mediation to relax and try not to make a bad situation worse.


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