June Fashionoscope- Scorpio

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Zodiac pendant scorpio necklace
Scorpio Pendant

This month is looking good for you, Scorpio. Things at the home front are peaceful and simply great. Work is in full swing and you might bump into someone influential and powerful and they might end up benefitting you in your career.

Disputes regarding the inherited property will likely settle down. But a lesser known fact about Scorpians is that they are ruled by two planets of war-Pluto and Mars. And, this connection translates to the fact that you are used to endings and beginnings. You are also familiar with the grief and/or trauma that comes with this change.

Your partner and you may experience an uncanny amount of intimacy with each other. This will also be the time when the way you share things with each other undergoes a transformation. So, turn on ‘The Notebook’ and talk about your feelings away!

When Mercury connects with electric Uranus on June 7th, you will find yourself having surprising conversations with your respective partners.

When the sun faces off with Neptune, this will be the right time to laze around. No time for serious conversations because it is the moment to relax and enjoy the moment you are in and cherish it with who you are with.

Travelling sounds like a great idea right now because your mindset is more open and more willing to explore things that you would not have noticed before. We think that your travel might become ten times better and the Instagram pictures more likeable if you dress more in denim shorts and a loose wife beater (stolen from your boyfriend, of course) or perhaps a black mini skirt and a light blue crop top and beige wedges!

Since you are so willing to be appreciative of new things and newer places, it would also be the right time to tune into an intellectual lecture or two. Or, just read something that increases your knowledge base and makes you more aware of your surroundings. We suggest any and all BBC podcasts!


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