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To astrologers, it is a known fact that when the sun is in Gemini, Virgo is affected the most. And as this happens in June, people with this zodiac sign will be very conspicuous and everyone will be highly aware of their electrifying presence. You could dress confidently by wearing a choker necklace, a tank top and throw on a blazer and pant set.

This month will be highly retrospective. What do you really want to do in life? Questions that evade an incoming existential crisis might be answered this month. However, at the very beginning of June, you will be very satisfied with the work you do and the job you are at.

Not only this but you will be very popular this month. People will not only respect your opinion but also people of high-standing will be impressed by you. But all this can happen only if you focus on what you want to get out of every situation.

This month will be rather quaint for you, Virgo. You will be nostalgic about your journey in terms of career and how much hard work you have had to do in order to get where you are. To do this, you might even visit some religious places and seek the right path, as suggested by your respective Gurus.

Nevertheless, you may find yourself in trouble on social media. So we suggest you to not pick fights with that random Twitter user who thinks the right spelling of gem starts with a ‘j’. A social media detox could also be helpful!

But even if you do, try to take out your aggression not on people causing it but by going for a walk or drinking a mojito or five.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

June is looking a bit murky for you, Libra. This is because you will have to attend to family and business matters but will end up concentrating half-heartedly on both.

Just like Aries, you will be a potential social butterfly and meet with people who will have the ability to bring out the best from within you. You might also have the chance of widening your social circle.

When it comes to family, you will spend a lot of time looking out for them. But don’t forget to look out for yourself too. If you would like to do that or do something nicer by gifting someone something in the family, we recommended gifting necklaces. Women admire them and they have the natural ability to pair them with something that will make the entire outfit look more attractive and more beautiful!

In the health department, things will look up only if you are practical about it and stay on a balanced diet and exercise daily. So drink a glass of water every morning right after you wake up. It will not only be refreshing but also very helpful to your digestive system.

Libra, you may not be wholeheartedly devoted to your job and we think a short break or two might help you realize what it is you would really like to do with the life you have been given.

Travelling might also prove to be rougher than initially imagined so we’d advise you to think twice before making plans to go on recreational or business trips.

Amid all this disruption, you still might be able to catch a sweet moment or two with your family as you want to take care of them, no matter how hard the circumstances might be.

In short, matters in June will be in your hands only when YOU take control of the situation and steer your life in a wise manner.

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