July Fashionoscope- Aquarius

AQUARIUS (January 20th – February 18th)

Dear Aquarius, it is Cancer season, and your creativity will be heightened during this time. And, when this happens, you can create genuine works of Art that people will heartily compliment. So, we hope you are on your A-Game this month. To find inspiration in simplest forms try wearing our ‘Inspire‘ bracelet made for the artistic and positive Aquarian. Inspire Womens bracelet for AquariusHowever, when Mars enters Leo on July 1st, the people around you will become unusually confrontational. So, it might affect your psyche and worsen your mood, but we encourage you to hold on tight because the clouds will have to move over someday and the Sun will shine again.

You will be more passionate this July, no matter what the mood of people around you is.

When an Eclipse occurs on July 2nd, this will shake up your daily life tremendously. This eclipse in Cancer will not only intervene with your daily schedule and old habits but will also give you an opportunity to alter them for the better.

Remember: it takes 66 days to adopt a new habit and ditch the old one fully. So, if you are going to bed late but you have to wake up early to go to work, or if you are not eating enough healthy foods during summer, this should be the time to start shifting to a more practical and sustainable lifestyle.

An Eclipse may sound like it is here to doom you forever, but everything has a silver lining, doesn’t it? Make sure you see it when this eclipse brings something new to your life.

To do this, go shopping one day and buy something that you would never buy. Think Jorts(denim shorts) or cycling shorts with a blazer that has been quite a rage in the street wear fashion. New things mean new experiences, and that instantly means you are stepping out of your comfort zone.

You could also try creating a vision board that depicts what your life will look five years from now. No one told us life was going to be this way, but we can be champs about it and handle it in the best way.

We hope that we have filled you with enough motivation to handle July and life in general better.


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