July Fashionoscope- Capricorn

CAPRICORN  (December 22nd—January 20th)

As the Sun makes its rounds through Gemini, the only item on your To-Do-List should be-“Get stuff done.” That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Because you must prioritize the specific tasks that you HAVE to finish by the end of July. Procrastination can be fun…and deadly. And, there’s nothing worse than missing deadlines only because you were sitting on your bum the entire time.

Mars will dominate you this month. It also insinuates that you will solve financial inconveniences and you will do this so that your family can sleep better at night.

This month will feel like a puzzle. You will get things done, and you will realize later what the point was of doing them.

You have a personality in which you love like you want to be loved. July may have the potential to find you the right man or woman. Moreover, to make sure that this love affair starts faster than intended, confirm that you have your confidence level on point when you leave the house. Pick a dress in which you feel the sexiest and confident and swoon your date, not just with looks but also your wit and confidence. Match the outfit with some statement earrings to let your partner know that you take your choices seriously.

Long Coloured Stones Statement Earrings for Capricorn
Long Coloured Stones Statement Earrings

One thing to remember is that summer means sweat and sweat on a caked-up face means disaster. Thus, make sure that you do not have layers of a commercial product on you. Try and stay as natural as you can by using a tinted moisturizer and a smudge-free mascara.

For people suffering from a chronic illness, they must tread carefully. Capricorn- you should make sure to receive eight hours of sleep every night and include a lot of leafy greens in their diet. Procrastination in taking care of yourself will not go for a long way.

Any travel-related trips will be very beneficial and carve out a successful path for your career to grow and flourish. This month needs to be the one where Capricorns must find the silver lining in everything. We all have to endure ups and downs to reach certain destinations, and it is the journey that we take to reach there that teaches us more than any lesson in a classroom could.


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