Fashionoscope December- Libra

LIBRA (September 23 and October 23)

You are now wondering how December has arrived so fast, aren’t you, Libra? Whatever it is, you’ve had a lot of time to face life’s harsh truths and also come to terms with them. Some people have stayed in your life long enough, and perhaps, it may be time for them to go.
On December 2, a masterstroke of luck will pass by you and make you realize that only the purest form of hard work pays off. Thus, spend less time thinking WHAT will happen after the completion of a task and spend more time thinking about HOW to complete the task instead.
On December 9, Mercury enters Sagittarius, which happens to be boisterous and energetic. Compared to you, they are ready to storm the room with their excitement. Just so that they do not crowd you, tell them what you need and how you need certain things to be done.
It’s a full moon on December 11, and this is the date on which you will feel headstrong and decisive. You WILL know what you want. Among the things you possibly want is to be consistently healthy all winter. Because let’s face it, you despise being sick even if it means staying snuggled up in a furry blanket all day.
To up your immunity game, drink hot water infused with lemon or honey as soon as you wake up. This tip is Miranda Kerr-approved. And we think it makes a lot of sense as it will be beneficial in the long run.
A transformation will be one of the effects of a full-moon night. So, upgrade your wardrobe. Shop for a sweater dress (or ten, if you like) and pair it with knee-length boots. Trust us, this outfit idea is eternally trendy and suits all body types. And don’t forget to add your Zodiac pendant.

Zodiac Pendant Libra Necklace
Remember: December has promised not to go easy on you. So all you can do is enjoy every day to its fullest.


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