Fashionoscope December- Scorpio

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22)

Oh, Scorpio. We know that you’ve been waiting for the December Fashionoscope to tell you that it’s okay to think with your heart instead of your brain for a while.

But alas, this is not the case. As we predict, you might get carried away. You must exercise control when you see that hot stranger swaying in the New Year’s party. And so this also means that you must be rational and NOT raunchy. 

Another practical tip that is unrelated to the unpredictability of lust is for make-up. When you are applying ANY product to your face, be it foundation, concealer or moisturizer; make sure that you spread out the product with either your index finger or ring finger. These two fingers are known to have the lightest pressure and so applying them to your face with your product will be wiser. 

You will notice a stark contrast to when you use the product by first rubbing it in your palms as most of it is lost. So, be smart when applying make-up. You might be making more mistakes than you thought you were. 

As cold as it might be, you will not be lethargic because of it. Instead, you will be rewarded for all the hard work you did in 2019. 

When it’s going-out-night on December 9, you will not only have a hard time accepting an invitation but also getting ready for it. You see, all Scorpios are a little closed-off and shy in front of too many people. They prefer drama in the privacy of their home, where they have control of their surroundings. But sorry to burst your bubble, Scorpio, because your friends just don’t want to be part of any intensity or right now. They don’t want to gossip too much either. So, live and let live because YOU deserve it. 

To loosen up, dance. Dance in flare-y black pants with a white tank top tucked in. And no, we did not forget that “baby, it’s cold outside,” so we will ask you to wear black boots and a black leather jacket to complete this outfit. You can also wear something from our diverse range of oxidized earrings!

Sun Rays Big Oxidized SIlver Earrings
Sun Rays Big Oxidized SIlver Earrings

Seriously, December is chill, and you can be too. 


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