Fashionoscope December- Virgo

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22)

The following tip is not just for the month of December. It’s for all the months to come. And, the tip is: don’t over-think everything. 

Virgo, you must stop over-analyzing stuff. Lately, you have been berating yourself too much. Questions like-“Did I just put my foot in my mouth again?” or “What does my life even amount to?” should STOP bouncing around in your head. 

Try to be calmer. We know that you want to smooth out every problem in your life, but that does not mean that you waste time on things that will be insignificant later on. 

To distract yourself, participate in a marathon. Those seem to be happening a lot around lately in this lovely and cold weather. Running for a marathon requires you to be in the best physical shape. Train for that and shop for cute tracksuits while you are at it.

On December 11, your mind will be infiltrated by the mantra ‘ work, work, work’. So, expect to be chatty and productive in the office. Your communication skills will be at its best, so it won’t be a surprise when you also coax your co-workers into chilling and having a drink after work with you. 

The prospect of earning more money seems to be on your mind this December, Dear Virgo. Perhaps, now would be the right time to count it all and make an informal inventory of all your financial assets. Keeping track of your money is a good habit as you will not spend more than you can afford to. 

Your attitude towards love will be a bit distant this December. If you happen to have a partner who loves you unconditionally, gently let them know that duty calls and that you will cherish them when nothing else is cornering your mind.

However, if you see yourself having days free of work, ask your partner to concoct something with you in the kitchen. Hummus, maybe? Or guacamole? These dips are easy to make, but the process of making them should allow you both to bond adequately. 

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