July Fashionoscope- Aries

Aries Zodiac constellation PendantARIES  (March 21-April 19)

July calls for travel, Aries. And, this travel may or may not happen with family. Nevertheless, a lot of love and joy will be involved in these impromptu or pre-planned trips. So, make sure that you have your SPF sunscreen to protect you from the unwelcoming heat of the Sun and a small bottle of rose water to sprinkle over your sensitive skin.

This month will take you back to the days on which you would stay cocooned in a safe nest or a comfort zone from where you will not want to come back.

During these times, you will feel emotionally charged, and we want you to cherish this overwhelming set of emotions wholeheartedly. July will also be the month in which you will achieve success but not without procrastinating. So, good luck with that.

July will be the month where you can show people your capability. You can even humble-brag about it, but this will be the month in which you will truly present your worth to everyone else.

The Sun was in your sign in late March through the end of April, and this should invigorate you to be the best version of yourself. If you are feeling nervous, make sure that you dress up well, pick up your favourite colour on a Monday morning and pair it with a positivity bracelet. Another thing you can do is stand in front of the mirror every morning and talk to yourself, and this allows you to see the image of yourself before everyone else has seen it. Even if you are not inclined to doing that, you will still unleash your true self into the world, and no one will make you feel awkward about it.

So, for July, you will be bold and bright, and everything is going to be alright!


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