July Fashionoscope- Cancer

Cancer zodiac constellation pendant

CANCER  (June 21-July 22)

When Mars moves into Leo on July 1st, you might be left wondering if you are spending more time on your family and friends than yourself. And, are they letting you be the best version of yourself? One must ask such pivotal questions to move ahead in life properly.

The solar eclipse on July 2nd might leave you emotional and sentimental. So, have a box full of tissues handy and an ice-cream tub at arm’s reach to soothe the chaotic nature of your emotions.

This month, a Mercury retrograde could mean interruptions sent in by the Universe just so that it can test you. Don’t worry, and you got this. What you also got is an abundance of nostalgia. But July may be more nostalgic than usual as your thoughts may wander at the back of your mind, and this is where all the happy memories reside.

You’re a little butt-hurt sometimes, Cancer, and we get it. But what you need to master is the ability to move on and forgive yourself in the process. You are too harsh on yourself, perhaps.

There is going to be a lunar eclipse in July, and you might be more susceptible to it than the other signs. It might be a lot to handle. So, we suggest distractions. So these distractions include traveling to a new place. Don’t worry much about the logistics, pick a place close by for a small getaway and a swimsuit that suits your body the best, indulge in reading by the poolside and you will be good for the rest of the month.

You are a little shut off this July, and we don’t think we can blame you. Two eclipses and one Retrograde may be too much to handle. So, another tip to ward off potential confusion is not to make any big professional or personal plans. Chillax, lounge in bed,watch TV and while you are at it, re-evaluate your life.


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