July Fashionoscope- Leo

LEO  (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Our July horoscope prediction dictates that this month, you will be wholeheartedly devoted to taking care of your family and tending to your own emotions.

You will focus on being happy more than anything else. No work and nothing tumultuous associated with it. Just your happiness and that of your loved ones. To match your vibe you must check out our ‘Live Love Laugh‘ bracelet to add to your outfit.

womens bracelet for Leo
Rose Gold Plated Live Love Laugh Bracelet

While you are trying to feel some inner satisfaction, go for a walk that you had not planned before. Surprise yourself so that you can delight yourself. Make a dessert or eat one. Or, it could be one (or two) tubs of ice cream while you binge-watch a show on Netflix and you could also go on a shopping spree online while you are at it. No harm in online shopping since it is easy when you are feeling lazy!

The Leo Zodiac sign will be all about that relaxation and peacefulness of mind and body. This feeling of calmness and satiation will be intensified when your family joins you because instead of interfering with your state of mind, they will help you grow.

It should also be the correct time to seek spirituality from your favored outlet as you have not felt close to your roots in a long time. To make sure that you look the part, shop for comfortable Yoga wear (preferably cotton or linen wear) that helps you focus your energy when you pray, meditate or do whatever it is you do.

In the love department, things will be “swell.” A word that we seldom use to describe relationships is “enjoyable” because some may become unexciting at one point in time. However, July will bring a lot of loud chuckles and playful tickles with your partner or spouse. So, you will end up creating memories that will last longer than the concept of time itself.

The financial aspect in July will be a little topsy-turvy. Things will not be like you expected, and you will be forced to manage your expenses better. Finance management is something that you will have to do this month, no excuses.


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