July Fashionoscope- Taurus

Taurus zodiac constellation pendantTAURUS  (April 20-May 20)

It is imperative that you give YOURSELF space this July Taurus. You might be working yourself up for nothing, and it is time to be patient with your mind and body.

We generally recommend meditating and calming the heck down in such circumstances but this time; we recommend indulging in activities that bring positive energy and relaxes the mind; like an adult colouring book. It is an excellent way to achieve peacefulness in that congested head of yours.

It takes time to strike a balance between personal and work-life, and no one can handle both lives immediately. Tell yourself this and give yourself ample time to adjust to this chaotic life that you have chosen for yourself. Being harsh on your psyche will not get you anywhere and only strain you in the process.

If you are running late for office most of the times, then it is time that you stop running blindly and start observing the loopholes to manage your schedule better. And if you do manage to circumvent this particular hindrance, you may also have the probability of getting a raise or promotion at work!

If you still feel like you are torturing yourself for not being “perfect enough,” seek the help of trustworthy friends around you because, during this time, they may be able to provide you with a support system that will be very reliable.

There are high chances of people getting into relationships to get married this month. So, what we would suggest to both boys and girls out there is if you are looking for love or are already falling in love with someone, take out your summer-whites and charm your special friend! After all, white and other summer colors like living coral and neon green are so very in right now.

In short, July for you, Taurus will be a little harsher than expected, but you can always sort yourself out if you focus hard and feel good on the inside.


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