July Fashionoscope- Virgo

VIRGO  (August 23rd – September 22nd)

July can be like a jigsaw puzzle Virgo. You are supposed to say ‘NO’ to someone or something and you will. But you must say it with grace and politeness. Don’t turn down someone in a harsh manner. That will only invite in chaos. Wear our ‘Sweet but Salty’ bracelet to channel your savage attitude with diplomacy.

Virgo womens bracelet
18 K Gold Plated Sweet But Salty Bracelet

When Mars enters Leo on July 1st, you should take this as an indirect sign to pamper yourself AND your home. The best way to pamper yourself is a manicure-pedicure, and the best way to pamper your house is to take out your best dusting cloth and dust the hell out of your home. It may look like a trivial task, but we can assure you that it will feel great when your house or flat “feel” dust-free.

Solar eclipses bring drama. And, this is supposed to happen on July 2nd, so we’d advise you to stay away from your phone for a while. Because who knows what petty fight can ensue between you and a random internet user over something as mundane as “What is better-horizontal stripes or vertical?” You have to steer clear of such digital arguments and channel your energy on meditating and relaxing instead. Doing both activities in your self-decorated home will bring you an uncanny amount of calmness because you will be able to control how you feel and how your surroundings look.

July will be messy when people cancel plans or disrupt the general flow of things this will make you so vexed by their fickle nature that you will storm out of the room or bang your fist on the table in frustration. So, please make sure that you have your eye-liner on point and your anger in check.

As a Virgo, you like to see perfection in all aspects of life. During July, this could change, and you’ll have no choice but to deal with it.


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