July Fashionoscope- Sagittarius

Zodiac pendant Sagittarius necklaceSAGITTARIUS  (November 22nd – December 21st)

July opens with the Sun in the water sign Cancer. And, this could bring along an entire wagon of emotional revelations so if you were seen partying the night away last month, July will be strikingly different.

Self-care is so underrated, Sagittarius. But we want you to take care of yourself FIRST this month and then make other commitments. So, for self-care, we’d suggest taking an entire day off and focusing on your skin, your heart, your wardrobe, and your mind. Self-care is about enriching your mind and soul and not just spending money at the spa. Sitting in a street cafe along the sidewalk and reading a good book while sipping on a coffee is more like self-care.

For your wardrobe, you can organize it by category and then by color. All the whites go in one pile, and all the blacks go in another. The clothes that you do not want can even be donated or uploaded on an app. called ‘Depop’, and that is how you can not only organize your wardrobe but also make money from it.

Amid all this frivolousness, you should also put your emotional state under a microscope. Take time to understand what is going on in that head of yours, write a journal to keep track of your emotions, or voice-record them for documentation and relaxation purposes.

When Mars enters Leo on July 1st, you will have a lot of exciting opportunities, but first, you will have to lighten up all the emotional baggage so that you can move forward and re-embrace the party animal that also likes to garner knowledge and wisdom in the process. You can keep our ‘KEEP CALM’ bracelet on your wrist to give you gentle reminder every time your emotions try to overpower you.

Despite all this, July will be messy. While on the one hand, you will need to connect to the heavenly spirits and pray, you will also need to realize that praying is not enough and you need to act to do things that you wish to do.

Issues concerned with money, taxes, and debt can be overpowering in the early part of the month.

July will be the month in which you will second-guess your more adventurous side. You will be afraid to take risks, and you will also be aversive to change headed your way but what you will need to remember is that while we may be intimidated by change, it can also put us on paths that we were meant to walk on.


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